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Monday, May 4

Colours of my life

Life is about moments. Don't wait for them, create them. That's exactly what I did for the past 23yrs with my kids. I dont have to go far to enjoy every moment with them. Going far is a bonus. and they never complaint. Everything we need is around us. We just have to enjoy the moment with our beloved ones. 

It's an adhoc plan. We just bought some snacks and drinks, then after Isyak we off to DBSA. Here's Daniel enjoying his balloon's formation while Awin dan Q&M main baling bola monyet. Hahaha! 

Me and hubby just berborak santai with Afiq, asking him about his studies at MRSM. SPM is less than six months, so he must well-prepare, achieve the target, the aim. InsyaAllah. 

 Earlier, it's drizzling. So this podium provide us and other family some shade. I always told my kids, we must be flexible wherever we go. They used to this kind of situation as long as we enjoy the moment together.

Melayan karenah anak2 is part of my permanent job. So I'm okay running here and there with my kids, get dirty with them, be like them. I don't want to be like some mothers who bring their kids to the park but they secluded from the kid's activities. They play Candy Crush or Farm Heroes or Clash of Clan on android and ignore the kids. Pity them. 

I assume my life is like my little tiny plastic mugs here... full of colours. 

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