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Tuesday, May 14

being a mother

In Islam, everyday is a Mother's Day. 

Motherhood is a tough 24hrs job. I gave up my promising career, 11 years ago, just to be a full-time housewife, to be with my kids, to take care of them, watching them grow, watching them play and argue. Even though it's a job with no pay, no off day and sometimes it is unappreciated, i never regard being a mother is a mistake. In fact, it is the highest paid job in the world, since the payment is infinity,  but yet resignation is impossible. 

Coincidently, it was a study week. The kids are busy for their final exam preparation. They only managed to write down something on my kitchen's whiteboard. These three words make me smile...

My youngest gave me this... something that he bought from his teacher. *pandai cikgu buat bisnes yer*. It's an ice-cream cake in a bottle. Thank you, my dear Qme.

Then later that day, followed by a whatssap message from my daughter.
I called this From Egypt With Love. 

I'm blessed. The true value of a gift is not what kind of gift or how much it costs or how big the gift is, but the story that attach to it and most importantly, it's the thought that counts! I love being a mother, it has it's ups and downs but there's no better feeling than unconditional love from my children.

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