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Tuesday, January 29

On the go

Nowdays, everything is on the go. It makes our life easy with this fast pace life. This blogger on the go is something that i dreamt of for quiet some times. It keeps me writing whenever the idea knock into my head.

Before, i've always hv to 'hold' my thought as well as my writing. But with the advance tech, i hv to grab it without thinking twice. For instance, the menstrual calendar, astro onthego, games & whatnot. Everything is at your fingertips.

I juz hope there's an on-the-go app for video editing, i already hv an app for audio editing called ringdroid. There are tons of app out there... Waiting for us to explore. The latest app is instaplace. It is not only record our location but the pix as well. Unfortunately, for the time being, only certain phone can download this app.

Health is wealth

Petang2 camni, curi time utk riadah dgn family. Hari nie x beriadah jauh.. dlm compound rmh jer. Xtvt of the day...badminton, makan & makan. Hmmn...makan tu blh consider as riadah ke?
5yrs ago, kalo beriadah ada 7 org. Now bila anak2 semua dh fly sana, boarding sana boarding sini, tinggallar kami jer. Myb in 5yrs time, tinggal kami berdua jer.  Bila dah tinggal 2, 3 kerat mcm nie, terasa sgt masa cepat berlalu. Tapi kami x kesali masa yg berlalu tu sbb kami yakin, kami dh allocate masa yg sepatutnya dgn sebaik2nya bersama seorng anak dara & 2 anak bujang kami semasa mereka tu kecil, 10yrs ago.

Saturday, January 26

That day..

Every hurt leaves scar, each scar hv it's own story. The scar will never fade away, it makes us stronger, tougher and it could change a person.. 360 degree.

I will never forget that day. The day that ruin everything i, love, happiness, dream, hope and the list go on.

I'm trying my best to cope with whats left inside me. The more i try to forget, the more it haunts me like hell. It does not hv mercy.

It hurts! Its painful. There's nothing much i can do. I get bored, i feel sick, i'm lost, i've had enough. It took away my energy, my longing, my passion.

I will remember that day until my last breath.

Friday, January 25

its been a while

It's been awhile since my last post. Alhamdulillah...I'm still alive. I havent forgotten about this blog. I've been slightly distracted due to the culmination of my fabulous buddy aka FB. I still get to work from home..sometimes I stay in my pyjamas all day and never leave the house. What a boring life of mine. That is one part. But the other half of me is... energetic, full of dreams, get sweat with my aerobic buddies, enjoying myself and get hurt (badly). Some say, time fixes everything but honestly, it is not working out for me. 

I will keep on writing till my last breath....

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