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Tuesday, December 20

walimatul urus - hani & iqbal

We are now approaching wedding season. Towards end of the year, one can see a lot of wedding kenduri around. So far, i've only managed to attend one invitation due to time constraints. 

 The bride and groom... Hani & Iqbal. Hani is my fren's doter, Kak Zet from Desa Coalfield.


 Yang menyambut kami... juntaian neon-neon yang indah, doorgift yang comel2 dan kumpulan SaffOne yg mendendangkan lagu2 cinta.

 Me and Kak Zet, mother of the bride. Mujur aku menepati tema that day... White, turquoise & red/pink. 

Both thumbs up for everything... cuisine, service, reception. It was a nice, cosy & simple wedding. I like!

Congrats to Hani & Iqbal and to their respective family.

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