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Wednesday, February 23

life is a bowl of cherries

People say that life is full of pleasure and enjoyment.  A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don't allow the happy moment, because they're so busy trying to get a happy life. I will allow happy moments by being appreciating everything I attract! 

This was our Genting Highland trip during CNY holiday. My kids were certainly the happiest and most excited ones (padahal dah banyak kali datang sini). Me, as usual being a photo enthusiast, couldnt help taking pictures. (This time tak naik cable car, drive terus ke atas).

And here are some eye candies...

 Mukhriz imitating the Energizer battery behind. 

 Awin and Daniel.
They were so excited to ride the Flying Coaster aka Spiderman Fly!

Shopping above the clouds. 
Bought a few pair of gloves and strawberry earphone for the kids.

Enjoy every waking moment with my family. To be grateful for all that I have in life, for I am truly blessed!!

 The Corkscrew roller coaster. Daniel was queuing up for about an hour to experience this adrenaline rush. 

Awesome! 360 degree turn!!  A zero-g roll is basically a standard hill with a 360 degree twist at the top.

Spinner is a very interesting ride if you enjoy spinning around the world.

 What?! He allowed to ride the Spinner? Yup, his height is more than 108cm! He's one of the 48 riders!

 "Hey, mister! From all rides they have in Genting, this is the most thrilling for you??" Phegi dah!

Selalunya drive dalam PSP2, now in real life! Go, Afiq!

 "I know there's no age limit for this ride, but pleaseeee....."

 They enjoy the Ferris Wheel very much. The view from the top of the Ferris’ Wheel must be gorgeous! Although it was a wee bit scary because the wind was strong and the little ‘basket’ they were in swayed! 

 You two again?

 Space Drop Shot. This was an ultimate experience. Nobody is willing to come on the ride except Daniel (he likes extreme rides). It’s an open air ride with three people strapped to their seats on each side of the tower.  I asked him "Sure?" He responded by just nodding his head, he was nervous too. It slowly lifts him up to the top of the tower (approx 182 feet) providing an exciting G-force on the way up.

On reaching the top it will halt for few seconds, to build the excitement or more butterflies in the stomach, and then it just shoots down full speed, making you feel absolutely weightless, as if you are flying in the sky. This was the best ride he sat on, in fact we called him the bravest because none of   us  the  guys dared to sit on it too.

This is another Space Shot! But for kids, it's called Rodeo Rider. Qme really enjoys the ride. Nampak tak that three chineese boy? They are siblings.  Ada ke beraya kat Genting? Siap pakai Samfoo! "Apek, lu tadak kampung ka?"

Being naughty!

As for me, i'm too old to hop on extreme ride. I am an acrophobia, fear of heights. :P Anyway, its all thrilling and fun ride if you dare to try. Most of us can ride. Just me that cannot. :( So...

I chose this!  There’s definitely the classic carousel that one cannot miss in a theme park!   :)

The very next day, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Now it's my turn to play rough! Hop on to this cute in-door ferris wheel. Hehehe... We were window shopping most of the time.  

 As usual, when hungry, we opt for Dave's Deli.

Full already?!

Despite not having snow, KL can still experience the thrill of ice-skating. The 2,230 sq metre facility provides gear rental, skating lessons and get this, ice hockey as well. That's a chilling thought. 

However, we didn't hv time for ice-skating, but we did saw some skaters fall head over heels and it was fun. 

Last but not least, happy, it's one way of being wise.


Makcik Runner said...

laa knape ko tak naik space shot tu? gerenti best giler tuu...aku berani naik huhu!

dah bnyk ek games kat sana....nnt la one day kena gi situ gak la

Yanti Arshad said...


dari rumah berkobar2 nak naik, tapi bila sampai di tempatnya, "ketaq lutut chek ni!"

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