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Friday, December 10

KL International Motor Show

Organized by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), KLIMS 2010 will run for a total 10 days from the 3rd to the 12th of December. KLIMS is back for its 7th installment! This year’s extravaganza promises to showcase some of the world’s latest and hottest automotive wonders. 

We were here on the 4th Dec.  As we approached the place, there were hardly any queue. We took the turn and got a parking spot at The Mall, opposite PWTC without much hassle. 

Queued up for tickets - cost us RM40. There was no floor plans provided with the ticket, but we soon learned that there was no real need for one. 

 Lucky draw!  Only one lucky visitor to KLIMS 2010 will be driving home a brand new Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle. Among other prizes to be won includes a 3day/2night getaway.

 Hmmm! Where to go?

 The exhibition was held over five large halls. 

 The first one was dominated by Perodua. This is the Perodua Bezza. I admire the 'petit' design especially the back slide door. 

I must credit Proton for making their presence felt in a classy way. Proton did a very good job. Their booths were simple but elegant. They had many new upcoming models on show, including the five of the Malacca Warriors - The Hangs: Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir and Lekiu.

With Proton’s Group Managing Director Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir at the Proton's booth. The Proton booth also handed carry-on bags for each visitors, but they were empty, it should be filled with brochures and product informations.

Attractions include one of the three future generation Lotus sports cars... Espirit.

 Another Lotus sports car.

Proton also produced a hybrid concept, but according to the sales team, is still a prototype.

The well known yellow Chevy Camaro SS, Bumblebee, a character from the Hollywood Blockbuster, Transformers. 

 Another Proton's prototype.

Third hall was where the Harley-Davidson, Ducati stalls were located. Affiq with Ducati 848 EVO.

Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of the Peugeot cars in Malaysia, launched the Peugeot 5008. This is one super elegant car with a transparent roof!

 This was a dissapointment. This batmobile was made by cardboard and clay, siap ada roda troli kat bawah kereta Batman tu and they charge you RM15 for one photo! Giler ke ape?!

Exhibit from Naza World.

Fortunately, some brands took the effort to bring in concept cars to make the entrance fee more worthwhile. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia outdid its peers by bringing in two concepts showcasing its EV technology.

 On our way out, we saw this pic.

Frankly, dalam banyak2 kereta yang dipamerkan in all 5 halls, yang di luar Pasific Hotel yang betul2 menarik perhatian kami sekeluarga. FYI, a man in red shirt is the owner! Dalam hati aku, "muat ke dia naik nie?" 

Another one yang di display kan di luar, Lotus Evora.

Sebijik lagi brand Lotus... 

 Ferrari! Siapalah empunya kereta ni agaknya! Kalau sebut Ferrari, aku teringat kat Michael Shcumacher jer.

Satu lagi Lotus... yang ini ngam2 tinggi Qme. Confirm aku tak boleh drive sebab kaki panjang! 

 Melaram dengan 'handbag' baru... beg free dari Proton. Dah selesai semua, baru terasa lapar. Apa lagi, serbu Aunt Anne's kat The Mall. Q nak beli pretzel lebih kurang macam 'q' nak beli tiket KLIMS!

Overall, it was not as bad as the publicity suggested. Yes, there were a few tacky attraction.  Granted, there were many weaknesses, but we as the public should support such an event. 

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