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Tuesday, June 30

The Jetty...

From Timah Tasoh Lake to Kuala Perlis Jetty...

Kuala Perlis Jetty is one of the three major departure points for Langkawi Island. I'm very sure this ferry is from Langkawi. We reached here at about 5:30pm. We planned to take an early dinner.

I'm not sure what place is this, but it looks like a floating restaurant or a row of stalls, maybe. It still closed to public. This pic was snapped by Afiq.

Mr. Right in action. For some men, a car is their second wife. But to this 'photochoholic' person, his camera is his second wife. I'm not allowed to badmouthing about it, I've to take a good care of it, we have to live under the same roof and the worst part is they mingled right under my nose!

The sea at low tide also makes a picture-perfect setting. From here we can watch the fishermen returning with their catch, these two girls are busy collecting cockles, clams and mussles maybe.

This place is not far from Kuala Perlis Jetty. It's a good place to relax at dusk and watch a spectacular sunset. Time ni air masih surut. This seafood food court was recommended by Zan, my friend. I called her, asking about a place to eat. She and her husband, Wan, orang Kuala Perlis.

"Zan, lain kali hang balik Perlih, hang mai makan sini, no. Gerai no. 3 & 4, memang sedap. Berbaloi-baloi! Kali ni aku plak rekomen kat hang!" Hehehe...

Kuala Perlis seafood foodcourt facing the sea. Here you can get reasonably priced seafood including grilled fish, crab, squid. They are grilled on the spot and the aroma carried by the sea breeze is irresistible. "Bila makanan nak sampai ni?" Nampak tak muka aku dah ketat semacam jer tu?

On our way here, I could hear my tummy rumbled. An hour later, we had cleaned plates of siakap tiga rasa, grilled squids, nasi goreng kampung, boiled cockles, prawns, etc. It's delicious. Indahnya kalau selalu dapat makan di tepi pantai macam ni.

Stunning sunset in the horizon.

The sun was just touching the rim of the sky, this is a nice sunset I witnessed there.

This is the Night Bazaar in front of Putra Brasmana Hotel. This bazaar overshadows the locals' fav shopping place, Padang Besar. Nothing much here actually. But I managed to buy my new handbag here.

Sunday, June 28

My Dear Phones....

I'm not crazy over handphones. Being a handphone user for more than 10 years, I never experienced losing a handphone till this day and been using six handphones from various models.

This was my first handphone. Nokia 2140, priced at RM1100. I still kept the receipt, bought with own salary. It's big though but during that time, this was the smallest model. Can you imagine that? Back then, I'm not keen on using handphone. I bought it bcoz my Mr. Right asked me to. It's easy for us to communicate, he said.

After few years being a faithful user, I bought a new one. I gave this Nokia to my brother reluctantly. Sadly, after few months, I found out he lost it at the telephone booth near to my house!

This was my second handphone. Motorola Startac V6, priced at RM2400. Same mode of payment, my salary. At that time, this was the slimmest flip phone in the market. Reason for having it, stylish! I used to hang it around my neck together with my office tag when I'm working.

After a few years (few years here, I mean 4-5 years), I decided to change to a new handphone again. And as a loving eldest sister, ( hahaha) I 'donated' my Motorola to my sister. I forgot to mention here. RELUCTANTLY... again!

I made her promise to take a good care of my beloved Motorola. She kept her promise until one day, she broke the phone into two while using it. It was a disaster! When she broke the news to me, I was speechless. She is my flesh and blood, but that handphone was so precious to me.

I was heart-broken then. I decided to buy a cheaper handphone. If something happen, I won't feel bad.

Nokia Butterfly was my third handphone before I switched to Nokia 3120, my fourth. Both priced below RM1K each. BTW, I didn't give away both my Nokia to anyone. I still have it with me until now. I learn from mistakes. I've been using this Nokia 3120 for quite some time. I take a good care of it, both.

Then, on Dec 2004, my hubby bought me a Motorola PDA E680, priced at RM2400. I love this phone. I have been using this for almost 5 yrs now and I'm not planning on buying a new one. I'm very comfortable with it's screen eventhough the keyboard is small. I need to use the Stylus (pda pen) to be able to type.

But this phone is giving me problems since new year. I can't hear people talking on my phone. Sometimes, it does not ringing or vibrate at all. Out of the blue, I received dozens of missed calls and smses! What a pain! My Mr. Right's magic word is "Buy a new phone". It's not that I don't want to buy a new one but this is my favourite, my most reliable favourite phone and I still need it.

Finally, I can't stand my E680 anymore! My final decision.... buy a new handphone!

This is my latest phone, my sixth phone. I just bought it last week. Sony Ericsson W880i, the cheapest phone I ever have, priced at RM400. (Tak sangka, ori ada semurah ni). According to the salesperson, nowdays dah tak ada underground phone bcoz dah senang nak dapat cheap branded phone.

It is one of the slimmest phone in the market, as thick as a CD case. Making my E680 looks like a brick by comparison. Other aspect of the phone that catch my attention is the buttons, a rice- like protuding design.

And I don't know how long is the life span of this phone. But if I want to get a new phone ( probably another 4-5 yrs from now), I'll definitely get the kind that I've never use before. Slide phone!

Eventhough I've four handphones, I only have one contact number. That number was sejak azali lagi. I'm loyal to that one number and the service provider, Celcom. Historically, Celcom was started as Emartel (MR Tel).

Unlike some people that have one handphone with four contact numbers and different service provider. For example, my sister, she has two handphones and two contact numbers and two service providers, Celcom & Maxis. Until now I dont understand why on earth she needs two handphones! I guess, if she breaks one handphone, she has the other one to use.

Food for thought...

Saturday, June 27

Lakeside Retreat

From Gua Kelam 2 to Timah Tasoh Resort.

This signboard can only be found in Kangar, Perlis. It is a unique signpost for outsider like us.

Timah Tasoh Lake Resort. This is a man-made reservoir, it is also home to winged guests. The name came from Timah River and Tasoh River. From Gua Gelam to Jeti Kuala Perlis, you'll see a turning on the right with a signboard saying Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat.

It's very peaceful here. Rasa macam tak nak balik.

Some people say this is pokok ara. Entahlah, I'm not familiar with names of the trees. Tapi pokok ini cukup unik. Selalunya buah bergayut pada dahan2 kecil, but this one, buah melekat pada batang pokok. From far, it looks like apples!

The mansion. This resort is still under constructuion. Hopefully next time when we come back, we can stay here for a night or two.

This lake is an ideal place to rest and relax, to enjoy yourself. Airnya tenang, burung berkicau, angin berhembus.... Best betul, rasa macam nak buat rumah kat sini.

This place is amazing. Kalau buat garden wedding kat sini, fuh! This is a great place for honeymooner too.

A spectacular view of Timah Tasoh Lake and the unique twin peaks of Bukit Chabang. Actually, this footage was accidentally snapped. At that time, we didn't know there's a twin peaks at this area.

Friday, June 26

Padang Besar, Perlis

As usual, each time balik Kedah, mesti singgah kat tempat favourite ni. Padang Besar, Perlis. Aku suka jugak shopping kat sini, but mostly shopping t-shirts, hand-bag atau apa saja barang rumah yang aku tengok lebih murah compared @KL. Tapi taklah shopping sakan...

This time around I bought myself this tshirt. Mine is black in colour & my daughter is white in color. To me, this tshirt is unique. Qish & Qme cuma nak mainan, so untuk senyapkan diaorg, Mr. Right belikan jugak supaya senang kami nak shopping. Awin bought herself a watch. Anak aku sorang ni gila jam tangan. She collects all kind of wristwatch, different design, size, colour. Ke mana saja dia pergi, kalau jumpa jam, mesti beli punya. Kekadang aku pun terpikat dengan jam2 dia.

Danial and Afiq, each bought themselves a beg and wristwatch. Wah, shopping lebih sakan daripada ibu dia. Mr. Right bought himself a camera beg (again!) and tshirts.

Ini kawasan luar. Masa kat dalam kompleks, lupa nak ambil gambar sebab leka survey barang.

Mrs. Right tengah leka belek handbag, Mr. Right snapped curi2. Tapi Mrs. Right tak beli pun. Belek jer sebab 'kureng' berkenan di hati.

Till we meet again, Padang Besar.

Wednesday, June 24

The Dark Cave 2

Gua Kelam located between Padang Besar and Kangar, Perlis. Going for a detour to this cave on the way back home is no big deal. The last time we visited this place was 8 years ago. But that was Gua Kelam. Now this is Gua Kelam 2. One of the most distinctive cave in Msia with 3.6km in length.

We bought the tickets (RM5 for adult and RM3 for kid), climb the stairs behind the ticket counter and wait for the train here. Thank god there are not so many visitors that day. We took the front seat.

Banjaran Nakawan, this is the entrance to the tunnel which leads to the cave. Seronok ada, gayat pun ada. Under this waiting area bridge is a river.

This Gua Kelam 2 equipped with mini trains to take you inside. For now, the train only goes half way and then we can take a walk there. The train is like a small roller-coaster with a battery powered locomotive. Once arrived in the cave, the driver will tell some history of the cave.

Gua Kelam 2 was once a tin mine hundreds of years ago and a place for communists to hide. This is one of the place.

Gua Kelam 1 is where visitors have to walk along the wooden passageway. You don't get the 'feel'. But Gua Kelam 2 offers you a totally different experience such as this area.

The cool surroundings, with water gushing down, make our walk interesting. This cave has been converted to show cave for it's geological dan historical values.

It was a 15 minutes, loud and bumpy ride. The walls of tunnel is so close to you. Then we have to continue our journey by foot along 2km concrete walkaway. The train can easily accomodate about 20 people per trip. This interesting experience reminded me of a Scooby Do cartoon character who were always chasing ghost in a cave and then the train suddenly came to stop.

Those who are interested to feel the different are invited to come here.

Monday, June 22


This is something new to us. We knew about this from a friend who involved in HPA. Syarikat Radix kopi (mai secawan!) spread it's wings all around Malaysia. As a start, they opened this RFC at north region.

RFC is a fast food outlet, sama macam KFC. Kalau ada sesiapa kata tiru, yes memang tiru. Tapi apa salahnya bagi menggantikan fast food Yahudi. Sememangnya anak Malaysia Boleh! To get more info, pls check out website diaorg. Now aku nak citer experience kami anak beranak kat situ. We went to Sungai Petani sebab nak break for lunch after our long journey from KL to Kedah. Pusing punya pusing, finally jumpa jugak Radix FC ni. Alah... bukan susah pun nak cari, ikut signboard jer.

To my surprise, meals RFC exactly macam KFC. Meal setnya sama, ada coleslaw, mash potatoes, french fries, nasi ayam. Soft drinknya tentulah from HPA, Kola Radix to replace Coca-Cola. Rasanya setanding Coca-cola. Aku suka sosnya. Sedap. Harga meal set pun lebih kurang KFC. Tapi yang lain daripada KFC ialah ayamnya yang betul2 organik & halal. Sesuai dengan motonya 'makan tanpa was2'. Rempah yang digunakan ialah rempah tersendiri. Nasi ayam RFC sedap.

Customers memang ramai, long queue. Aku admire corporate color RFC, orange white! Bright color! HPA merupakan syarikat tempatan 100% Bumiputera Muslim dan sangat komited dengan mengeluarkan produk2 halal. Pekerjanya pun semuanya menutup aurat.

Latar dindingnya dihias simple, menarik and straight to the point. HALAL!

Sempat posing depan outlet RFC. I'm sure ini jadi kebanggaan orang Sg Petani. The next day and the following day, we went to RFC Alor Setar & Perlis. Mujur RFC Alor Star dekat dengan rumah PIL. RFC Perlis @ Kangar.

Actually kat SU pun ada RFC tapi itu Razlan Fried Chicken! Outlet baru HPA ada dekat Bukit Rahman Putra, dekat PMC. Bolehlah pergi cari sos cili yang sedap tu nanti.

For those yang nak ke utara, don't forget to check-out this place.

Friday, June 19

Happy Bday....

17 June... my beloved mom's birthday. She's 55 now. I'm happy for her bcoz she leads a happy life with her beloved hubby, her children, SIL, DILs', grandchildren.

Sempat post gambar nie saja. Gambar yang lain semuanya P&C sebab ada gambar yang free-hair. This date remark another memorable event for me. I had to drop by at Setiawangsa to meet...

To mak, happy birthday, we all love you.

Thanks to Mai for this lovely and delicious cake.

Thursday, June 18

Short story

Second week of school holiday, took the kids to watch this @Midvalley. They enjoyed the movie eventhough the sound system caused headache.

Qme, first time in cinema. This lil' creature is afraid of the dark. I've to take along his dutchwife named 'pok pok', to make him comfortable. I've to stuffed his dutchwife in my big handbag. Imagine that! Look how happy he was! He said, "Lepas ni nak tengok Transformers plak!"

This famous happy couple was there too.
Danial dan Affiq managed to 'grab' them.

Tuesday, June 16

You Decorated My Life

To my husband, I may not say it often but I feel it everyday.

You are a great dad... and a loving & caring husband.

I dedicated this song for the wonderful memories we
shared and to the great times yet to come.

The times we've spent together, the talks we've had, the fun we've shared and how nice it is to have you in my life. You really Decorated My Life, honey.

And to my beloved Abah,...
Thanks for all your words of advice, your guidance, your love, your great knowledge, your help. And the most important thing is you always there when I need you. I love you, Abah.

To these two great men in my life, Happy Father's Day.

Monday, June 15

Life is a journey....

These are some interesting snippets of my holiday mood. Musim cuti baru-baru nie, aku pergunakan sepenuhnya. Last year, aku cuti daripada bercuti. Do you get what I mean? This time, I dont have any specific destination. Normally we'll ask the kids where they wanna go, but this time a bit different. We make a trip up north, bila ternampak signboard tempat2 menarik, kami singgah. But there are places where we've been before.

I'll elaborate on the caption in my next entry.

Some time to work, some time to play.

Where on earth can you find this signboard?
I found it!

This place looks boring but dont judge a book by it's cover.

This footage was taken when the sun rise above the horizon. This has nothing to do with visual effect or whatnot. Seeing is believing!

The western sky seemed bathed in the scarlet rays of sunset.

Travel broadens the mind...

There is safety in numbers...

Money talks...

The tree is known by it's fruits. Buah apa agaknya nie? Ada sesiapa tahu?

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