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Tuesday, December 2

Msian Passion

Everywhere we go, food is our main agenda. Even in making decisions for holiday, food is the main consideration. We would ask our friends advice on where we should eat when in a place we'r not familiar with.

Parking is RM1 per car per entry.There were 12 stalls numbered. As you walk by the stalls, the operators will wow you and try to get you to try their stalls. As to which stall to choose from, no idea since everyone look the same for me. So eat at the one you like.

Abah don't know which seafood to pick up.

If not mistaken, this is sea porcupine (ikan buntal).

Danial tengah pilih nak makan apa.
His choice will be pari bakar.

My youngest sister, Iqah.
The selection arrived approximately an hour later
wonderfully charcoal grilled and oozing of aromas.

My lil' brother, Jiji (centre).
lil' sister, hanim
& nuar, my bro's best friend.
Alan, my lil brother. We call him 'tong sampah' bcoz
he can surely 'bedal' apa saja.

This place is worth the visit. Cumanya we all arrive waktu malam. InsyaAllah, next time nak gi day time. There are ample parking here but if you come after seven pm on a weekend, this place is packed with people. One of the best things about these places are that you get to choose your own fishes and crustaceans from a 'whole sampan' of seafood. Your seafood will leave you walking out feeling full and satisfied.


the principal said...

OMG. The last time I ate here was like 10 years ago.

The other day dah bg tau my parents raya haji kali ni we all akan balik Melaka & bersiar-siar di bandar Melaka. All this while balik Melaka dok memerap kat rumah, paling jauh pun gi Jusco/ Mydin. This time nak gi cruise Sg melaka di hari raya haji...

My advice, next time gi makan ikan bakar perkampungan portugis, lagi best...

Anonymous said...

Pernah pergi sini sekali je seumur hidup ... insyaAllah akan pergi lagi.

~ Fizah@teratakhami

Yanti Arshad said...

dear fizah & emy,

i'm sure u all dah pegi punya... hometown la katakan... :-D

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