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Friday, December 26

24 Dec, yearly

On this date...

...he was 4 days late, no contraction or pain, waterbag was still intact. I was admitted to DSH. The nurses are busy preparing me for the ECG. Within 2hrs, I was rushed to the labour room. According to my gynae, they need to do an emergency caesarean section. By the ECG readings, there's no sign of contraction or pain, my baby was not moving and they can't take the risk plus he was due 4 days ago. Suspens la jugak. First time C-sec.

Sedar2, dah dalam bilik. Everything settle, not sure how long i've been in the labour room. Gynae kata, aku tak rasa contraction sebab leher baby dah terbelit dengan tali pusatnya sendiri, that is why he's not moving & I dont feel any pain. Luckly dapat detect cepat or else, .... nauzubillah. And today, we are so grateful to have this little precious with us. Eventhough he is too small for his age, Mohd Arief Haqimie is special.

Bday boy & his new remote control car.


the principal said...

Happy belated birthday, Qimie.

Today, ada new registration & nama that boy Muhammad Arief Hakimi. Nasib baik 4 years old

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday to Qimie..semoga jadi anak yang soleh dan bijak..

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