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Tuesday, October 28

Less of Me...

Knowns as City of Entertainment.

Not actually a great place to rest

since you'll be trying out all the rides.

We travelled up there on Sunday morning
by taking the Genting Skyway,
World's Fastest & SEA longest
mono cable car ( 3.4km).

We've to 'q' for more than 1/2 an hour
to ride the Genting Skyway.

It goes up a fairly good series of hills
and you get great views.

Walaupun excited naik cable car nie,
tapi sepanjang perjalanan nak sampai ke atas,
we all tak putus2 baca Al Fatihah, Ayat Kursi, 3 Qul.
Baca sama2 & kuat2!

"It’s a breathtaking experience for me
as I am afraid of height."

We took our children almost to everywhere
we could, no matter where we took them,
they enjoyed the stay or the outing.

First attraction was the Cyclone.
Only honey and my 2 boys went to
ride the coaster.
Panjangnya 'q'.

Debaran semakin dirasai...

Life is like a roller coaster ride,
with ups and downs , triumphs and setbacks.

Think twice before riding!

After an adrenalin rush.

...More of We.

"A mother has always to think twice.
Once for herself, once for her child."

Qish & Qme with their Ben10 wristband.

" It's not so much how busy you are,
but why you are busy. "

This ceiling feature is hanging above the escalator.

I'm queuing up for The Flying Coaster.
Not to ride but to pose only!

They would be busy exploring the area.

We passed by The Space Shot

but no one dared to try the ride.

We went to the Dinosaurland but we thought

it was too cheesy, so we left immediately after.

Another queer attraction is the
Double Deck Carousel for the kids.
(Background - The Spinner is spinning)

Bumper Car... it's truly a great place to be
entertained esp for the kids.

In front of the Sky Venture.
The one and only
sky diving simulator in Asia.
My boys are not allowed to try it out because
the minimum required weight is 25kg.
"Sorry, boys.
Next time maybe. "

This Flying Coaster is interesting,
where you have to ride it in a standing position.

This is how my free time become 'unfree'.

This Pirate Ship ride is making them nervous.

They joined the queue for Haunted Pirate Train.

Enjoy your life with your young children
while they still depend on you
and listen to most of your words.

It's not our first time taking this ride but
it still gives us a little bit of worry.

"I can’t help myself feeling that way, ibu."

Don't be fool by this tame looking ride.

A Lesson To Remember:
We forgot all about our valuable things that we kept earlier in the locker. Lucky before we ride on Skyway on our way back, Danial suddenly asked me, "Ibu, beg mana?" Macam panahan halilintar! "Ya, Allah, beg tertinggal dalam locker!". Nak tak nak, hubby & Danial terpaksa patah balik to get our beg, it took them almost 1/2 an hour. Nasib baik Danial teringat before we all naik Skyway. Syukur Alhamdulillah.... That's the most valuable lesson for us to remember that day.

Monday, October 20

Ihtifal Day

Little Caliph Saujana Utama's Graduation Day
18 Oct 2008,
Auditorium, SIRIM, Shah Alam.

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy
(The original song is Oh MacDonald Has A Farm)

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Saturday, October 18


Insan yang pernah berkongsi gelak ketawa, suka-duka, kini telah pergi buat selamanya. Kali terakhir aku jumpa arwah ... masa di IJN, CNY day, early this year. Time tu keadaannya dah teruk juga. Tapi yg ralatnya, aku jumpa arwah tak sampai 10 minit. Arwah kena buat dialisis for 2 hours... Sayu juga hati bila tengok arwah dalam keadaan macam tu. Apa taknya, dulu arwah periang, suka buat joke, mengusik, menyakat aku. In fact, masa aku datang visit dia tu pun, dia masih sempat menyakat aku, itulah arwah Sudiro...

Semoga arwah di tempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman dan bertaqwa, Al Fatihah...

Sunday, October 12

Raya sebulan...

Bila dah habis beraya di kampung, anak2lah yang excited. Tak sabar nak beraya dengan kawan2. But as for my two boys, this year... ada restriction skit. Apa taknya year-end exam is just around the corner. Xtvt collect duit raya, ronda raya, kena 'freeze' kejap sebab kena jenguk buku latihan mana yang patut kena buat. Lepas exam, pulun sakanlah!

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Aku dulu, kalau nak pergi beraya di rumah kawan, berbakul2 pesanan mak dalam kepala otak aku. "Duduk bersopan, makan elok2, minum jangan bagi tumpah, jangan gelak kuat2, bla.. bla... bla...".

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

Dah jadi rules... kalau nak keluar berjalan, mesti lepas zohor. Anak2 aku kena settlekan solat dulu. Then baru boleh keluar beraya. Kebetulan kawan2 diaorg datang beraya, so solat berjemaahlah mereka sebelum sambung kutip duit raya...

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy
Orang sibuk beraya, dia sibuk main gitar.

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