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Friday, August 8

Walking Pneumonia?

Both my sons have been diagnosed with walking pneumonia last weekend. Qme was very sick when we took him to the Damansara Specialist Hospital that night. Meanwhile, Qish was not as bad as him. But alhamdulillah everything went smooth, sejak masuk wad sampailah keluar wad.

That nite, aku dan anak2 bermalam kat 4 bedded room. Honey terpaksa balik dulu sebab ambil baju dan apa yang patut. The next morning, aku rasa kurang selesa kat 4 bedded room tu, so aku request 2 bedded room. Nasib baik ada kosong. Alhamdulilah... Tengahari, kite org pun 'berhijrah'.

Some tips for parents out there.

Walking pneumonia is a term used to describe a mild case of pneumonia, a lung infection caused by the mycoplasma pneumonia organism. My sons experienced a fever, sore throat & runny nose for more than 3 weeks. I also noticed that their cough gets worse at night.

According to Dato' Dr. Musa, this is because the fluid in his lungs accumulates in the lungs and moves up higher in the respiratory tract. Mycoplasma pneumonia, the organism that causes walking pneumonia, can be contagious if contact with the infected person is prolonged. You will be able to distinguish the difference between walking pneumonia and a common cold because walking pneumonia will get worse over 2 weeks.

Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, our paediatrician for the past 5 years, sejak belum dapat title Dato' lagi.

Qme on nebulizer 4 hourly...

Danial was trying to cheer Qme up.

Toys... secondary cure.

Qish... bila dah sihat, terus jadi Spiderman!

This is the reason why i requested the 2 bedded room! When the healthy one is trying their best to cheer the sick one up, chaos is bound to happen.

Kem Smart Solat

19 Julai 2008, 8pg-6ptg, Surau Al-Hidayah
Bandar Saujana Utama

Affiq (pls find arrow)... join the camp.

Affiq received a souvenier.

Danial too, join this camp.

Danial received his solat cert.

Qme & Qish...

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