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Monday, May 5

To Mothers Out There

When I look at our old photo albums,
it brings out such nostalgic feelings.
Time really flies.
As they said, it seems like only yesterday.

I was married in 1992 and my family
quickly grew to 7 members.
For the past 16 years,
i have brought up 5 children.
My eldest is 15yrs old and my youngest is 5.

Since the early days of our marriage,
my hubby has the habit of taking
snap shots of the growing family.
So when i looked at the old photos,
i realised that i really missed the bunch
of merry children in the photos.
For young mothers, this is my advice.

Firstly, take a lot of photos
of your children as they grow,
for that faces would soon be just a memory.

Secondly, enjoy your life with
your young children while they still
depend on you and
listen to most of your words.

Hug them, kiss them and smell them
while they are still sweet smelling
and allow to be hugged.
Carry them and walk with them,
holding them by their hands,
for soon you will be walking,
dragging your feet and holding on to them!

Try to be a good mother and good luck.
Happy Mother's Day.


Sue.Aleen said...

happy mother's day to you too... anyway, time flies.. not time files.. typo error tu

Yanti Arshad said...

sue, thx for being my proof reader. kadangkala bila idea dah melimpah ruah dan berlumba2 nak keluar dr otak, tak dan nak double check. tqvm again.

Makcik Runner said...

happy mothers day! semoga hari2 mu ceria selalu

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