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Thursday, January 31

Little Qaliph aka Lil' Q

The consep,
Benefiting from both worlds!
Banner Lil Q.
Lil Q ni memang terkenal keberkesanannya.
Syukurlah dia open kat Saujana Utama,
tak perlu hantar jauh2.

Me with Pn. Faridah, the founder of this Lil' Q Programmes. She owns more that 30 branches around M'sia. Her famous branch located at Sek. 7, Shah Alam. She also owns two Intregrated International Islamic School in Indonesia for orphan kids whose parents are a victim of Tsunami and in Middle East (can't remember the location). A very down-to-earth-person with her sweet smile.

Qish and Qme can't wait to enter their new class.

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