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Friday, December 26

24 Dec, yearly

On this date...

...he was 4 days late, no contraction or pain, waterbag was still intact. I was admitted to DSH. The nurses are busy preparing me for the ECG. Within 2hrs, I was rushed to the labour room. According to my gynae, they need to do an emergency caesarean section. By the ECG readings, there's no sign of contraction or pain, my baby was not moving and they can't take the risk plus he was due 4 days ago. Suspens la jugak. First time C-sec.

Sedar2, dah dalam bilik. Everything settle, not sure how long i've been in the labour room. Gynae kata, aku tak rasa contraction sebab leher baby dah terbelit dengan tali pusatnya sendiri, that is why he's not moving & I dont feel any pain. Luckly dapat detect cepat or else, .... nauzubillah. And today, we are so grateful to have this little precious with us. Eventhough he is too small for his age, Mohd Arief Haqimie is special.

Bday boy & his new remote control car.

Sunday, December 21

Go To School

Finally I've reached the moment where all of my kids go to school, five of them. Not to mention my dear hubby, next semester ll'be his final year. Then, insyaAllah, he'll be furthering his studies for another... how many years, I've no idea. But it seems that everybody in my family 'go to school'. As for me, I'm still waiting for the right time to further my studies in linguistic, i've to give way to them first. They are my priority.

Qme = Qdees

Semalam, buat registration @Qdees for Qme. Many thanks to Emy, The Principal dan her teachers for their warm & friendly nature. Especially to Emy for her kindness, moga2 terus dilimpahi rezeki yang diberkati. As for Qme, tak henti2 nak try uniform & beg Qdees. We hv to buy a new black long pants for him bcoz he refused to wear short. Tak tutup aurat, kononnya! And as a mother and wife, I'm happy for them bcoz they all go to school.

Monday, December 15

The Purple Wedding

Purple Garden Wedding
14 Dec 2008
Taman Melati, Gombak.

Now days, ramai yang buat wedding kat hotel atau dewan, but our parents prefer an outdoor wedding. We're a traditional people. But still, ciri2 moden tu ada. An outdoor wedding lends a beauty and charm to our bro's wedding.

Ini sebahagian tetamu yang secara kebetulan,
pakai color purple.

Along & Angah pengantin lelaki
tak lepaskan peluang bergambar.

Tiga penangga kecil.

Before & After.
Both shared the same name.

Aku uruskan 'token' untuk abah.

Asal penuh aje poket abah, aku kena transfer token tu. Kalau org Melaka, dipanggil 'menanam'. Here how it goes, kalau si A pernah 'menanam' beras untuk wedding anak si B, next time bila wedding anak si B, si A pula 'menanam' beras pada si B. Aku rasa 'menanam' ni macam sponsor lar. Tapi ini cuma adat, not compulsory pun. Dulu aku heran, kenapa kita bagi token kat tuan rumah bila time wedding. Rupa2nya banyak manafaat token tu kepada tuan rumah. Actually token2 nie byk juga membantu tuan rumah merancang majlis yg dibuat.

Sama tapi tak serupa.
The only sisters in da family.
Along, Angah & Acu.

Raja sehari.

Special thanks to Pak Din (Ten2Ten) & Family
& Sdra. Salihin & Kak Ina sekeluarga yang sudi
datang all the way from Saujana.

Mak dan Abah pengantin.

Before & after the ceremony.
Everything went smooth as planned.

Tuesday, December 9

3 In-A-Row

6 Dec 2008, Saturday.
A massive landslide occurred in Bukit Antarabangsa at about 3.30am yang meranapkan 14 banglos & empat terbunuh. MasyaAllah!

7 Dec 2008, Sunday
My anniversary day.

8 Dec 2008, Monday
Hari Raya Aidil Adha 1429

Monday, December 8

Salam AidilAdha 1429

Raya haji this year falls on 8 Dec, one day after my wedding anniversary. Aku ingat nak buat lain sikit. Selalunya masak ketupat segera, but this time, aku nak masak ketupat ori.... orang dulu2 panggil ketupat daun.
Petang, bila rendang & kuah kacang dah masak, aku pun lepak kat wakaf dan prepare ketupat ori. As usual, my 'helpers' would be busy trying to help, time tu jugak la aku pun busy attending to their Q&As'.

My ketupat ori...

7 Dec...

This special date marked our anniversary day. Syukur alhamdulillah but I'm out of ideas as to how I should celebrate it since the very next day is Hari Raya Haji. But still, I managed to buy a special gift for my soulmate. Every year, we shared this date together with the anniversary of the attack on the Pearl Harbour, this attack drew the US into World War II on 1941.

A good marriage is one which allows
for change and growth in the individuals
and in the way we express our love.

Wednesday, December 3

next 5 years....?

My dreams for the next five years will be...

1. ....moga sentiasa dilimpahi rezeki2 yang diberkati.

2. ....menunaikan ibadah umrah kemudian haji bersama suami tercinta.

3. ...mendiami 'casa' yang diidam-idamkan.

What about you, friends?
What will be your dreams for the next five years?
Let's share it here.

Midnight Feast

This is the 'feast' which is so popular during school holiday in my house. Benda ni mesti ada, selalunya ia berfungsi time midnight! Apa taknya, bila anak2 semakin membesar dan empat di antaranya ialah boys, jawabnya... lu pikir la sendiri! Bila tengah malam, ada saja yang lapar. Mak aku selalu kata, "Budak lelaki memang macam tu, biarlah aje diaorg makan". Tapi bila aku teringat pada arwah nenek aku masa dulu, arwah pula kata, "Jangan makan banyak2, nanti bodoh!". Ha..ha..ha...! And my duty as a mother, "Bagi aje diaorg makan asalkan tak bawa mudarat." And my hubby's duty as a father, "Tak ape, makan aje lah... kalau habis ayah beli lagi."

Dah lama juga kami tak ke Hijaz atau Maju Ahmad utk makan roti canai. My kids will always ask me why would i 'burben' myself to cook the roti canai for them? Instead we can just buy it from the nearest stall. And my answer will always be, "Kalau masak kat rumah, lebih halal, suci dan bermutu." Tiap kali diaorg tanya macam tu, tiap kali jugalah aku jawab macam tu. Lama2 diaorg pun dah imune dengan jawapan aku.

FYI, roti prata ni actually is roti canai. Pada aku, roti ni lebih sedap daripada roti canai dari kedai mamak or mana-mana kedai yang seangkatan dengannya. Ada banyak variety from Karts. Above is the one without kuah curry & dal. Kalau makan dengan kuah asam pedas, lagi sedap. Selalunya we all akan beli 3 bungkus, 1 bungkus ada 6pcs.

Tuesday, December 2

Smiley face in the sky!


The smiley face in the western sky at 8pm msian time to be seen from saujana utama, on 1 December 2008. My hubby took this amazing scenery from our backyard.

Those two are not stars, they are planets.
Venus and Jupiter. It will only occur again in 2036.

By the year of 2036:

Hubby : 68yrs old.

Me: 62yrs old

Awin: 43yrs old

Danial: 40yrs old (like my hubby now)

Afiq: 39yrs old

Qish: 34yrs old (like me now)

Qme: 33yrs old.

Msian Passion

Everywhere we go, food is our main agenda. Even in making decisions for holiday, food is the main consideration. We would ask our friends advice on where we should eat when in a place we'r not familiar with.

Parking is RM1 per car per entry.There were 12 stalls numbered. As you walk by the stalls, the operators will wow you and try to get you to try their stalls. As to which stall to choose from, no idea since everyone look the same for me. So eat at the one you like.

Abah don't know which seafood to pick up.

If not mistaken, this is sea porcupine (ikan buntal).

Danial tengah pilih nak makan apa.
His choice will be pari bakar.

My youngest sister, Iqah.
The selection arrived approximately an hour later
wonderfully charcoal grilled and oozing of aromas.

My lil' brother, Jiji (centre).
lil' sister, hanim
& nuar, my bro's best friend.
Alan, my lil brother. We call him 'tong sampah' bcoz
he can surely 'bedal' apa saja.

This place is worth the visit. Cumanya we all arrive waktu malam. InsyaAllah, next time nak gi day time. There are ample parking here but if you come after seven pm on a weekend, this place is packed with people. One of the best things about these places are that you get to choose your own fishes and crustaceans from a 'whole sampan' of seafood. Your seafood will leave you walking out feeling full and satisfied.

The Wedding

Majlis Persandingan Azwan & Wahidah
30 Nov 2008
Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Pengantin lelaki sedang disiapkan.

This is Nuar, my brother's best friend
cum his best man.

Sebahagian rombongan pengantin lelaki.

Pengantin lelaki berdebar-debar menuju
ke rumah pengantin perempuan.

Santapan untuk raja sehari.

We all adik-beradik sepakat berpakaian serba
hitam-putih for this special occasion.

Mak & Abah with their son and new DIL.


Walimatul Ur's...

Last week I was busy attending and helping organize my brother's wedding, Azwan. The akad nikah ceremony was held at the bride's home town in Pontian. One thing for sure, I'm glad my brother has finally found the girl of his dream.

This was a small act on my part.

Akad nikah disempurnakan oleh Tok Kadi daerah.

Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang.

Semoga bahagia hingga hujung nyawa.

I wish them more love and
countless blessings from Allah!

Penghujung Benua Asia

Aku rasa ada yang tak tahu Pontian, Johor is the most southern tip of Asia Continent. Aku pun baru je last year tahu... masa hantar rombongan pertunangan adik lelaki aku. (refer entry dated Nov 2007) Time tu tak sempat nak ambil gambar. Kali ni, masa hantar rombongan nikah, this is an opportunity not to be miss.

Pontian... Most Southern Tip of Asian Continent.
I'm sure with good publicity,
tourist from all over the world
will flock to the now quiet and
unknown place of
Tanjung Piai, Pontian, Johor.

This was my last year entry, Nov 2007.

My hubby took this photo while i'm standing on the last point of the Asian Continent! The authorities could do a lot to improve the location & to publicise it as what my hubby has made me realise that it is the last point of the Asian Continent.

p/s: If you reach this place before 5pm, they will issue a certificate for you saying that you have reached the Penghujung Benua Asia.

Monopoly: World Edition

This is our second set of Monopoly.
Previous one is The Malaysia Edition.

More handy... with credit cards.

Let the machine do the work!

(more info @

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