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Wednesday, November 7

Welcome Home, Hero...

Quotes from Angkasawan Blog...

"To all Malaysians,
I have completed my mission in space successfully. The 12 days in space was the most exciting time of my life. It feels like I was living in a dream. Even now, there are times when I had to pinch myself to remind me of the times that I had been to space. It was such a magical moment! I am definitely going to share as much as possible my experiences with all Malaysians.I would like to contribute my journey to space to my beloved little brother Sheikh Mustapha Shukor or " Ajil " whom I missed dearly. He has been a great supporter of me. In fact he was my No 1 fan. He gets very excited and thrilled when I was announced as the first Malaysian angkasawan. His room is filled with my pictures and about space showing his much vast interest in these field. He loves to debate with me on every topic from politics to the small petty things in life. Among the 5 brothers, he is the most intelligent, determined and ambitious. If he would have joined the space programme, he would surely be my strongest competitor. He would probably be the angkasawan and me as his back-up. He even had completed a book on my journey to space which I have yet to read but is with me for my safekeepings. That was his gift to me."

Dear Angkasawan, you make msian proud!

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