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Saturday, September 15

Rasa Sayang Merdeka

This video is unique... Rasa Sayang song in multi language in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th Independence.

Monday, September 10

Food For Thought

So much happens in my life. I've met so many people,
I've made numerous new friends, lost some friends,
remade old friendships, found new dreams,
let go of some old ones, got happy, got sad,
got ecstatic, got shy, got burned,
getting reluctant...

I feel sad for a lot of people.
Most people don’t realize when they say something,
they’re mentioning a lot more than they realize.
I was taught to speak good about people,
to forgive people for their faults.
With the way many people behave nowadays,
I’m wondering if this is still instilled into kids anymore.

There’s an old saying, “It takes one to know one.”
Most people use it as a defensive phrase
when they are being commented on
negatively by others.
They just use it to defend and
attack at the same time
but most people, though,
do not comprehend the whole truth
of this statement.
There’s another saying ,
“If you’ve got nothing nice to say,
don’t say anything.”
This is a saying that I have personally
tried to adopt into my life.
Life really changed, in a good way,
for me when I first started putting this into practice.
It forced me to notice and say all the good things
in other people.

I've made a discovery.
I finally understand how and why
certain people don't or unable to think.
The funny thing is that they think that
they're thinking but they're not.
I've come to realise that most people,
when it comes to using their brain,
are emotion driven.
They let their emotions dictate what they think.
And then what they think produces
more emotions which in turn
makes them think about other things
that causes them to be more emotional.

Please don't misunderstand
and think that I think I'm so great or what.
It was just a very eye opening discovery for me.

It's helped me be more accepting of people

when I see them do stupid things.

It also helps me catch myself too.
Although I am glad that I've written something down,
I feel reluctant to actually post this.

KL - Alor Star - KL

me & kids...

Aku tak tahu apa nama proses nie,

tapi nampak macam padi yang dikutip

dimasukkan dalam lori tu.

Tulisan tu diperbuat drpd bahan terbuang,

plastik yg membalut buah epal atau pir.

hmmm... kreatif gak PLUS nie.

Sesape yg biasa pergi utara,

sure familiar dengan tunnel ni.

This giant durian is too heavy to lift up.

Need some help, boys?

Tol Jelapang... tol yang dah ragut banyak nyawa.

Tiap kali lalu kat sini, aku naik seram dibuatnya.

Convo At PICC

Convo UniKL - 9 Sept 2007. Saiful, my youngest bro-in-law's convo. Location: Plenari Hall, PICC Putrajaya.

Invitation card for two.

Saiful on stage...
Information counter in PICC...

Zoom in from balcony of Plenari Hall, PICC... far far away...
View through the glass...

Hubby from the balcony..

Sunday, September 9

KL International Tattoo 2007

The KL International Tattoo is jointly organised by the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Tourism Ministry in conjunction with the 50th Merdeka celebration and Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

Admission fee : RM5 and RM10
(but i got 7 free tickets! he he he...)


The event took place at our historical Merdeka Stadium...

Fireworks display...

We arrived as early as 5:45pm to get good seats.

break for azan maghrib...

They are all well-trained soldiers...

Help! I'm an acrophobia!

Military bands from home and abroad.
The bands of all participants performed
a specially arranged musical score
with a synchronised fireworks display.

Thursday, September 6

Personal Touch

Pictures taken by me using my hubby's DLSR Lumix.
not bad, huh...

amateur touch...

i like this one...

cute ferns...

Nature At Night

Putrajaya Lake Club...

view from DBKL Square...

DBKL building...

DBKL Square...

Tun Perak Street...

KL At Night

Aku nie nama je lahir kat KL, tapi kekerapan aku ke KL boleh dikira dengan jari. KL sekarang tak sama dengan KL dulu.

Actually aku tak gemar masuk KL... tak tahulah kenapa. Tapi petang tu masa aku tengah bersantai dengan abah, dia buat satu permintaan keramat. "Malam ni bawa abah round KL, saja nak tengok KL waktu malam." Terkejut aku! Masuk KL? Oh, tidak! Tapi demi abah, aku tunaikan permintaannya tu. Tapi yang aku pelik, abah hari2 pergi kerja masuk KL.

Abah dan mak with their only son-in-law.

Inilah ofis abah aku... betul tak aku cakap? hari2 dia masuk KL.

Kalumpang Resort

Penat sambutan merdeka masih terasa... utk relekskan diri dan minda, kami ke Kalumpang. Lagipun dah lama tak bersantai di sungai. Rindu nak dengar deruan air sungai yang mengalir.
Posing tetap posing!

Pencinta Wanita!
Love of my life...
Backstreet Boys...

Love is Cinta...

It's Our 50th Merdeka!

This year is our 50th year of Independence. Not a small feat and one that most Malaysians will be very proud of. I took a different approach this year, going out and have a blast on Merdeka’s eve!

When was the last time you gather a moment with your family or even your close friends on patriotic festivals such as this and actually thought about the beginnings of our independence?

It should be the time of the year that we should learn to reminisce about our values as a citizen, a part of this vibrant country.

Merdeka isn’t just about celebration and having a good time; it’s about knowing where we stand, understanding where we come from, taking time to learn about our origins and recognizing our own values as part of the country and as part of history.

And that, my fellow citizens of Malaysia,

is the best celebration there is.

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