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Saturday, December 1

Nasi Ayam Organik

Inilah ayam organik mentah.
advantages : manis, kurang lemak & cepat empuk
disadvantage : bau hanyirnya agak kuat,
walaupun selepas dimasak.

Ayam organik lepas direbus.

Sambal nasi ayam.

Inilah antara pelengkapnya.

Nasi Ayam Organik yang dah boleh di 'ngap'!

Kicapnya dah dicurah atas ayam O.

My Passion...

this is my workstation.
this is where i do my translation job, chatting,
surfing, reading, dreaming, sulking.

my dicts' collection.

some of it has been handed over to my kids.

Tuesday, November 13

Lelaki Ini...

Johor, here we come!

Danga Bay.
Posing santai sekeluarga.

Di belakang tu ialah jambatan Johor-S'pore.

Ini yang paling best!
Shopping time!

Tanjung Piai.
This is where the tip of mainland Asia continent,
akhir benua Asia.
Scenery di belakang ialah cahaya dari S'pore.
From here, we can see S'pore more clearly.

Resort Tanjung Piai, the only resort yg ada di Tanjung Piai.

Ayer Hitam.
Singgah shopping jap...

Apa lagi yang nak dibeli, ek?

Selamat Bertunang Iwan-Wahida

Tema - Hijau.
Ini sebahagian rombongan dr pihak lelaki.
Cincin pertunangan disarungkan ke jari manis.
Wahida diapit oleh bakal adik, kakak dan abang ipar.

Wednesday, November 7

Welcome Home, Hero...

Quotes from Angkasawan Blog...

"To all Malaysians,
I have completed my mission in space successfully. The 12 days in space was the most exciting time of my life. It feels like I was living in a dream. Even now, there are times when I had to pinch myself to remind me of the times that I had been to space. It was such a magical moment! I am definitely going to share as much as possible my experiences with all Malaysians.I would like to contribute my journey to space to my beloved little brother Sheikh Mustapha Shukor or " Ajil " whom I missed dearly. He has been a great supporter of me. In fact he was my No 1 fan. He gets very excited and thrilled when I was announced as the first Malaysian angkasawan. His room is filled with my pictures and about space showing his much vast interest in these field. He loves to debate with me on every topic from politics to the small petty things in life. Among the 5 brothers, he is the most intelligent, determined and ambitious. If he would have joined the space programme, he would surely be my strongest competitor. He would probably be the angkasawan and me as his back-up. He even had completed a book on my journey to space which I have yet to read but is with me for my safekeepings. That was his gift to me."

Dear Angkasawan, you make msian proud!

Friday, October 19

Raya Sakan

Bersama mak dan Iqah, adik bongsuku.

The Boys posing atas Bukit St. Paul, Melaka.

Qish posing dengan Iera.

Kenangan bersama saudara-mara di Felda Lui Timur.

Tiga dara pingitan. Chewah!

Thursday, October 18

Cuti-cuti Raya...

Bersama ibunda tercinta di Hang Tuah Mall.

Bas merah double decker di belakang tu familiar di mana? Now we can have it in our own country.

Posing kat kedai cenderahati. Kat sini mahal 3x ganda. Di Hang Tuah Mall lebih murah. Eg: Kipas tangan yang dijual di sini harganya $7.50 satu, tapi di HTM, 3 for $10!

Sape tak kenal dengan tempat ni, kan? Kubu A Famosa.

Syoknye Raya...

Tahun nie kami contract warna purple.
As usual, lepas solat raya kami bertolak
ke Alor Star, hubby's home town.

Bergambar dengan parents in law di kediaman mereka.

Sebelum berangkat ke KL, sempat singgah di ladang getah milik hubby di Kuala Nerang.

Dari Alor Star terus ke Gemas, Negeri Sembilan.

Bergambar dgn suku-sakat di sana pula.

Kemudian beraya di Alor Gajah Melaka,

rumah peninggalan arwah atuk aku.

Nie belum cukup 'korum', ada lagi dua famili

yang belum sampai.

Our Hero In ISS

The Expedition 15 and 16 crews, along with spaceflight participant Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, take a break from their activities to talk to the press. The newly arrived Expedition 16 crew members continue to familiarize themselves with life aboard the International Space Station as Expedition 15 nears the end of its mission. Whitson, Malenchenko and spaceflight participant Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor arrived at the station aboard their Soyuz TMA-11 spacecraft Friday, Oct 12.

1st M'sian Angkasawan

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustaph was born on July 27, 1972 is a Malaysian medical doctor and is scheduled to be the first Malaysian to go into space when he is launched to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz TMA-11 on October 10, 2007. He is flying as spaceflight participant under an agreement with Russia through the Angkasawan program, and will return to Earth with the Expedition 15 crew members Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov after nine days aboard the station.

Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Shukor aka Dr. SMS
in Soyuz Capsule Rocket.

Dr. SMS in Rusiian Sokol Launch and entry space suit.

The Expedition 16 crew members.

Dr. SMS farewell at the steps of the Soyuz rocket

The Soyuz TMA-11 spacecraft launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at sunset Oct. 10, 2007 carrying a new crew bound for a docking to the International Space Station on Oct. 12
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