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Tuesday, May 5

into the woods

They say when you put human and nature together, only wonderful things can happen. We feast our eyes on the natural tropical climate and smell of the forest. Nothing beats that!  

First time menjejakkan kaki di FRIM, Kepong. Rancangan yang tertangguh since last year, akhirnya terlaksana dan berjalan lancar, Alhamdulillah. Kami tiba tepat jam 8:15 pagi. Lepas bayar entry fee, kami terus ke targetted area which is Zone D6. 

This is Zone D6. The main attraction here is Canopy Walkway (CW) and nature trails through the dense forest, among other things. 

Here's the trail. Nampak senang, kan? Just follow the red arrow. But in reality, you have to be fit to explore the forest, serious! 

The CW counter is only open at 9:00am, so you must reach there early or else you have to bear the long queue. Last registration is at 1:30pm. The tickets have to be bought here before heading to the CW.

Now, off we go!!!! Di awal track dah berwefie, bayangkan for about two hours walk, berapa banyak wefie agaknya.   By the way, dont forget to bring water with you as you start ascending, really really  EXTRA bcoz there's no kiosk in the woods. Hehehe...

Danial with his notti face, fooling around with my OppoR5.

For you to reach this landmark, I can tell you it's a piece of cake. But what's waiting ahead is the one that you need to worry about. Serious! Untuk sampai di sini, ambil masa kira-kira setengah jam...tapi tengok speed juga lar. Kalau speed 40km/j, rasanya 45 minit pun tak sampai2 lagi. Untuk proceed ke CW, kena ikut denai mendaki yang uols nampak di belakang kami tu.  

Tadi I mentioned tentang denai mendaki, kan? This is it! Memang betul2 mendaki, ditambah dengan denai yg licin. Pokok2 yg ada di kiri kanan denai memang sangat membantu untuk kita berpaut. Tapi ada juga certain area yg tak ada tempat berpaut, so kena pandai2 sendiri.

Berehat sekejap melepaskan lelah! Memang out of breath, tapi masing2 nak nampak macho. Hehehe. Kat sini ada disediakan pangkin utk  berehat. Sebaik saja ternampak pangkin tu, rasa lega sangat2. Tapi tak leh nak duduk lama2 sebab orang lain pun nak duduk juga.  

My two boys were given a big task, to accompany the father. Nampak tak? Sebelah kanan tu gaung,  so kena extra careful bila sampai kat area2 seperti ini. Watch your footstep. 

Aha!!!! Caught on camera! Ibu berwhatsap dalam hutan!  Bukan apa, ibu tak sangka dalam hutan pun blh dapat 4G, dasat juga Altel nie. 

Yeay! We arrived at the wooden tower guarding one end of the rope way.

The CW starts here! Inside the tower you will need to show your ticket.

We made it up to the CW, which was on a very rough trail. It's definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of legs!

The walkway does sway and wobble and at first I had visions of the whole thing twisting upside down and spilling its contents (me!) into the jungle below. But compared  to Skytrex, this is nothing!  

The biggest single attraction is the CW, an 150m-long series of suspended bridges. Unless you suffer from vertigo, then the walkway is well worth doing. Although it is not tiring in itself, the hike requires a decent level of fitness. 

A pit-stop! We enjoyed the gorgeous views from the treetops (25 - 30 m above the forest floor).  

*no caption, just enjoy the pic. 

I'm proud, you are brave. There are crying children on CW, but you are not one of them. 

The trails are not that difficult if you have maintained average physical fitness. But the trails proved to be a bit rugged and so beautiful.  

The picnic area is located right along a nice waterfall, where you can also relax in one of the pools of water.  

A short picnic. There are a few cheap cafe near the picnic area - or you can bring in your own picnic lunch for that matter.  A few shelters and restrooms are available in the area too. 

There are also bicycles for rent. The rental is reasonable at the price of RM8/first hour for normal bike and RM16 for Oscar  bike, while the subsequent hour is RM2/hour. We ended our journey here after spending 7 hours exploring FRIM that day. I would say it was such a productive day!
I don't mind doing this another time.
Anyone likes to join me?

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