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Wednesday, December 3

grammar peeve!

I'm totally clueless and numb here! How can you call yourself an english teacher when your grammar is so poor? I'm not saying I'm perfect but at least, silly mistake can be spotted with the naked eyes!  I still remember this one incident.

A friend of mine is an english teacher for UPSR student. Then  Ali (bukan nama sebenar, hahaha!), a  UPSR student approached her with two oranges and she said to him, "Ali, you wanna eat those two orange?" I was like.... OMGeeee!!!!! 

Can you spot the poor grammar? Supposed, "two ORANGES" not two orange! Come on!!!!

I did came across a few incidents on FB timeline of others such as...

"Let's be the very best!" => Let's be the best.

"Special dedicated" => Special dedication

"I'm touched with the situation..."  => I'm touched by the situation

Apart from being a translator, I'm a proofreader too. I proofread thesis, reports and texts too. Early this year, i proofread a  thesis for a lady  lecturer, a thesis for her master in art. Frankly speaking, I can't tolerate her 'introduction' part! What a gross error!!!!!

Recently I watched Brick Mansion movie with my kiddos. There's one part...

Paul Walker: I'm heading up town
Translator: Aku nak ke Uptown.

WTF!!! Opps, mind my language, I can't help it. Even my kids can spot the difference!

The correct translation is => Aku nak ke pusat bandar or Aku nak ke bandar. 

I'm numb! Need I say more? 


Sofu Hashim said...

Joint & join :)

Yanti Arshad said...

good one sofu! :-D

fair & fare :-)

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