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Monday, April 28

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan TBS

First time aku melangkah ke sini. The reason, nak fetch Danial & Afiq balik cuti. It was Saturday, so taklah sesak sangat kalau aku nak gi fetch dorang. 

My opinion... tempatnya super bersih!
Then teratur, systematic, luas...unlike the old Puduraya yg kotor dan sesak!

I like the shops here. Tapi tak dan nak singgah. They have foodcourt & fastfood. I like the meal-card system to buy food here. It's like a Touch n Go buy the meal-card price RM20. You can use up all the amount or if there's a balance, you can claim it at the meal-card counter, according to Danial & Afiq. I havent try it yet, but i think it's an efficient way.

The ticket counters for south destination only.

You can also park your car at RM3 per entry. 

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