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Tuesday, February 25

4 series!


I turned 40 this year. My mom always said, "40 ialah usia permulaan Nabi menjadi rasul. Maknanya usia sudah cukup matang. Lebih hampirkan diri kepada Pencipta. Tiada apa lagi yang patut dikejar selain akhirat kerana apabila kita mengejar akhirat, dunia akan mengejar kita." Dalam maksud mak. Ya, mak. Anakmu ini sedang melakukan apa yg terbaik untuk persediaan di sana nanti, insyaAllah. Doakan.

Turning 40 has taught me that it's beneficial and necessary to simply slow down. So far alhamdulillah... what I wish for before I reach 40, has granted. I really work hard to make sure all my wishes come true. Syukur, Dia Maha Mengetahui kerana dari dulu lagi, aku niatkan semua wish itu "Lillahi Taala"...kerana Allah. But as all know, I had my ups and downs. Tipulah kalau aku kata "Aku okey jer." No, I had a very rough life. In fact a rough, tough life but I survived. Alhamdulillah.

I'm proud to be me! One common thing that I always get from strangers is "You look younger than your age." Especially when I go out with my kiddos age 21, 17, 16, 12 & 11. I must admit that. Since my younger days, I believe the power of ulam. I fall in love with ulam since my teenage years. I started with petai & jering, pucuk paku, pucuk ubi rebus, then ulam raja, pegaga, then pucuk gajus and the list goes on.

Yup, i am a mother of five. Aku masih ingat lagi pesan mak masa aku baru2 kahwin dulu. "Beranak cepat2 dan rapat2, nanti tak susah nak jaga. Bila dah umur 40, anak2 dah besar, dah remaja, tak perlu nak ada extra 'handbeg', nak bawa botol susu, nak kendong sana sini. Time tu kita akan nampak muda sebab anak2 dah besar." Yup, I second that and I'm glad I took that advice. Thank you, mak.

I won’t lie, the number is a bit daunting to me. I’ve been dreading it for an entire year. In fact, I’ve been saying I’m 40 ever since I turned 39, just trying to get used to the idea. But I realized something this morning. 40 is just a number. It’s up to you whether or not you get old. Today, I didn’t get on the scale. I didn’t time my cholestrol burn or count my squats. I decided to count my blessings instead. 

At this 4 series age, I'm beginning to list down my new wish lists. Apart from lebih mendekatkan diri kepada Sang Pencipta, I would like to...

1. take a break from linguistic world especially my translation and writing world. Then,

2. to perform hajj and

3. learn to swim. i'm an aquaphobic okayyyy?? After that,

4. i want to travel around the world. Learn new culture, mingle with people around the world. 

I hv so many other things I want to achieve. Plus, I'm blessed with good health, great family and great friends. 

Here's my first well-wisher. My son,  Afiq, on 24th at 1130pm. 

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Friends, thank you for my birthday messages. It's definitely been a birthday to remember. All these will make me smile. Again, millions thanks from deep of my heart. Love you all. Muahhhh... XOXOXO


MLanz said...

I Just wants to say I LuV You..forgive me for my ignorance and may we be together alwiz...

Yanti Arshad said...

love you too my dear. i will definitely forgive you but i will never forget.

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