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Tuesday, January 29

On the go

Nowdays, everything is on the go. It makes our life easy with this fast pace life. This blogger on the go is something that i dreamt of for quiet some times. It keeps me writing whenever the idea knock into my head.

Before, i've always hv to 'hold' my thought as well as my writing. But with the advance tech, i hv to grab it without thinking twice. For instance, the menstrual calendar, astro onthego, games & whatnot. Everything is at your fingertips.

I juz hope there's an on-the-go app for video editing, i already hv an app for audio editing called ringdroid. There are tons of app out there... Waiting for us to explore. The latest app is instaplace. It is not only record our location but the pix as well. Unfortunately, for the time being, only certain phone can download this app.

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