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Wednesday, September 12

r.o water VS oxygen water

This is my real experience as well as my 2 cents.

My old Beyond WF.

 I always tot of my water filter as something purely utilitarian. I've been using this Beyond WF for quite some time and i'm very satisfied with the oxygen water. Recently, my WF not only acting up but up to the level of dying!!!! I was panic for awhile. I started to call frens, asking them about a reliable water filter system. Most of them suggested a RO water filter system. 

This RO WF hv gotten quite popular lately but most consumers missing out on some critical info. RO systems are an EXTREME type of water filter.  They utilize something called nano-filtration which filters better than basically any other kind of water filter.  In fact, once water has run through a particularly strong reverse osmosis filter there are VERY few minerals left in the water. This is great for removing contaminants. A filter this strong can get rid of just about everything. However... over the long term, drinking reverse osmosis water can be a BAD THING. Because your body needs minerals.  Just like everybody tells you that yogurt is filled with good bacteria, well, water should be filled with good minerals. Reverse osmosis water tends to be more acidic than regular water. This really stinks for people who have bad source water... because the best way to clean it is with reverse osmosis, but then they're left with water that's acidic with no healthy minerals!

My new Beyond WF with new facelift... i like.

Why i chose oxygen water? Bcoz oxygen water can enhances the oxygen in blood.  Oxygenated blood is the foundation of good health.   It also promotes blood circulation which strengthens overall functioning of the body system. Besides that, high oxygen water can penetrate the skin effectively for carrying out the dead skin, deep cleansing and enhances the oxygen in blood and skin, and restores the cells as well. 

This 7 chambers of filtration media, remove the widest spectrum of harmful and dangerous contaminants, reducing water molecule cluster size with far-infrared rays and magnetising the water to stabilise water molecules for better health. The innovative use of advanced Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Balls, which brilliantly enhance micro organism and bacterial elimination from the water as well as the addition of Calcium Alkali Ceramic Balls that help to control the water pH and further enhance the mineral content in the water.

This is only my two cents. My explaination here is not as a salesperson, but as a loyal consumer of oxygenated water and i would like to share the benefit with you guys. Plus, the price is affordable, not as expensive as other WF system in the market. I bought my old Beyond WF for $2k and it lasted for 9yrs. It's worth it, right? Now the price has gone up to 3k ++ dan hopefully it will lasted for at least 15yrs. Ahaks!

For those who does not hv any WF, please make the best choice for your family considering our bad source of water nowadays. To Ckg Gee, i owe you one, thank you again. 

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