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Wednesday, September 12

Happy Independence Day

*belated entry*

This is how we spent the day....

I received a visit from my lil' brother, Jiji and his family. They spent a couple of nights and we're blessed to hv them here, especially the twins Shakila dan Shakira. We called them kakak and adik. 

Kakak (right) and Adik filled the swimming pool.... with patience. 

Things happen for a reason! We wanted to buy this kid's swimming pool since 3, 4 yrs ago. Each time we went to buy, it's always out of stock ( i mean pool size of XXL) or it is not suitable. But alhamdulillah, we got the right one and it's XXL! (here means, 5 adults can jump in tooo!).

 Like ducks to the water for my sons and their twin cousins!

Meanwhile, their father, my lil' brother, Jiji was helping me at my garden. I just bought 20 trunks of bougainvillae to serve as a shrub. Earlier i had a delightful time visiting nursery nearby HSB with my soulmate. It's always nice to visit the place, it's like a mind therapy for me.

My bougainvillaea has produced profuse bright-coloured blossoms. Everytime I look at the splash of pink, I just can't help smiling with admiration.

My bougainvillaea has vibrant pink that shout for attention from afar. I think the hot weather plus the dosage of fertilizer that I fed to the plant has helped in producing the profuse blooms. 


Teratak Hami said...

Orang Melaka tak tinggal bunga kertas :-)

Best berendam dalam pool besar tu..

Yanti Arshad said...

betul tu... itular pasalnya. dok ulang alik ke AG buat saya lembut hati nak tanam bnga kertas nie. lgpun senang nak jaga.

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