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Tuesday, June 5

gadget of the month!

Finally this bird nest craddle safely landed in my hut. My plan worked like a dream. Alhamdulillah... Actually there are many kind of design to choose but i've fallen in love with this one... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! 

New addition... replacing the old one. This cooking magic is something that i cannot resist. i've been aiming for this since last year, since the price was RM2300++. When i found out the price has gone down to RM1700++, there's no reason for me to wait any longer. This inverter microwave convection oven is really really awesome!  I love it!!! Thank you to my soulmate!!!! 

Actually i hv other gadgets to share here with you guys. But you hv to wait ... kasi saspens.... tunggguuuuu....

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