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Monday, December 12


And so the big day came... First of all, this is THEIR point of view.

"7 Dec, as promised, in conjuction with our parents anniversary day.  According to ayah, the appointment was at 3pm. We reached here as early as 2.15pm. The reason was to subside all our fears and doubts. It works." 

"The two of us were splendidly dressed in our traditional costume. Ibu wanted us to look handsome on that day."

"Ayah carried us on his back. Luckily we were the only family there at that time. We are so fortunate to have you as our dad, ayah! Whatever it was, i knew we were very special kid that day."

 "Then it was my turn...." 

"Dr. Syed was very friendly. He asked me to recite Al-Fatihah followed by selawat for 3 times. We called him Dr. Wolverine."

"Ayah took this pic. If i saw these earlier, i dont think i will in the room...."

" Then the moment came."

" In 10 minutes it was over! Phew!! Dr. Wolverine teached me how to wear the kain pelikat eventhough we had our rehersal quite a number of times before this."

 "a bit painful but not as painful as falling down from my RockBike."

From Qme's vantage point....
" was my turn to visit Dr. Wolverine. While waiting for him, i played my fav game to ease-off my fear. Gud luck to me!"

 "At this point, all i remember was i recited Al-Fatihah & Selawat for 3 times then i dozed off during the circumcision."

 "When i woke up, it was over, i'm glad. Alhamdulillah..."

 "Now with very limited movement, i will hang on to my favourite gadget for few weeks (that's what ibu said)."

"It was not very painful, just like antbite. Me & psp3000 will become more closer after this."

"For sure, the following two to three weeks will be quite boring. We are not allowed to leave the house. Ibu said we must avoid eating egg, chicken and certain fish and we can only drink hot water."

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