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Tuesday, November 22

Harimau Muda the best!

Today in history! By now you shud hv heard abt the victory of our YoungTigers after defeated Garuda 5-4. I'm posting this juz to share my xprnce. but i tell you, inilah perlawanan paling sengit yg pernah aku tengok. ManU vs ManCt pun tak sengit cam ni. Here's the story....

Time ni still lengang, baru 7:45pm. Kami datang awal sebab nak dapatkan good seating. We were the only family yang pakai jersi team Msia. Semangat mesti ada!

Seronok, gembira tak terkira when our Young Tigers drew level with a sliding header by Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar. Gud job! 

Our second goal was denied by the linesman....offside katanya. Ceh! Seperti bergegar RF bila kami semua tak puas hati dgn keputusan linesman. Hish! Players of both teams played a harsh game tonite but Garuda is the worst! The ref wasn't being fair... dah agak dah!

Cuak, takut, saspens semua ada after the 90 minutes and extra-time play ended, forcing the game to be decided by the penalty shoot-out. We keep on praying...

In the penalty shoot-out, Gunawan & Ferdinan failed to convert their attempts. Khairul Fahmi is such a great goalkeeper! As for our Young Tigers, Fakri failed to make good. Baddroll then stepped up dan did not fail his teammates. 

I wish our team could see the spirit we have for them here in Msia. We shud have videotape it! Nampak tak wanita bertudung tu? She's the only lady who came with her family, then berani duduk di tengah2 peminat Harimau Muda yg rata2nya terdiri daripada lelaki, siap pakai jersi Msia lagi taw! 

This is what happened when skipper Baddrol Bakhtiar converted the winning penalty for Malaysia. Syukur alhamdulillah! Our YoungTigers defeated Indonesia 5-4 on penalties after both teams drew 1-1. 

Harimau Muda, you hv made us proud! Awesome game, awesome players, awesome team, awesome supporters!  Apek is awesome like always, Baddrol you're superb and Muslim, Mahali and the list go on. Hahahaha! 

As a summary, CONGRATS Harimau Muda for winning and retaining the gold medal. Celebrate and cherish the moment but do keep on improving. To supporters out there, thank you  for your pray. HE listened to our prayers, alhamdulillah.

To all my girlfriends out there, it's neither awkward nor weird to be a supporter of our soccer team. Many would say the game is a man's game but soccer also has an appeal to girls and ladies who love sports, specifically soccer. Many ladies are become avid fans of the game and showing support to soccer. Female soccer fans can now cheer and drink right alongside with most stout male soccer  fanatics. Girls will be recognized as a fanatic if they happen to be wearing a jersey of tee-shirt with their team logo on it and i'm one of them!

Next game on Wed, 23rd Nov @Bkt Jalil Stdm, Harimau Malaya vs Syria for 2012 Olympic qualifying. All the best!


Ida Zaini said...

bagusnya...semangat semuanya!!!

Yanti Arshad said...


gemuruh suara! heheh

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