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Sunday, September 11

letting go

Finally, she's about to leave the nest less than a month... hundreds thousand miles away. I don't know how to couple with the fact that she's moving onto bigger and better things. I'm very proud of her and I want her to follow her dreams and goals...I'm just a big baby when it comes to her because we both went through some hard times.  I know it will be hard for her too..she is leaving us. I'm happy and sad at the same time and it can be very confusing..but I knew this day would come..I just wasn't ready... yet!

 I know this is the beginning of her life, not the end of mine. But, we have raised her to be independent people and go out into the world and chase her dreams, so now we must allow her to do what we prepared her to do.


Teratak Hami said...

Tahniah to Awin. Semoga Awin berjaya dalam mencapai cita2 dia. Ni tajaan / RM sendiri ?

Yanty, lepas ni boleh bawak family gie Mesir. Tempat tinggal dah ada & Awin boleh jadik tourist guard.

Yanti Arshad said...

tima kasih, fizah.

jpa/mara tak dapat. guna tajaan 'pama' dulu, 2nd yr baru dpt tajaan.

Teratak Hami said...

Ribu-riban PAMA kena sponser dulu ... takut!!! Kitaorang pun kena get ready RM jgk sbb year by year makin susah kot nak dapat tajaan :-)

Yanti Arshad said...


memang kena simpan dari skarang. nampaknya sy msh blum ada rezki nak masuk semi-D sy tu, kena tunggu lagi sebab dah pakai utk tajaan pama tu. huhuhhuuhu...

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