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Thursday, September 15

journey to the island

We spent our holiday at Langkawi Island during the raya holidays. Have been to Langkawi countless time but all the trips were shopping without really exploring the nature side of the island. This time around, with one mission, "to enjoy, not to spend" was launched! And miraculously, it went well. Here's the story....

As early as 6:30am at the waiting area at Kuala Kedah Jetty. Kesian the kids, dorang lapar but my advise was "Kalau makan sekarang, takut muntah dlm feri nanti.Sampai sana, kita makan ya." 

The Ferry fees was RM23.00 for adult and RM17.00 for children for one way with 'seat number'. The journey will take 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kuala Kedah to Kuah Jetty. We booked the tickets one day earlier. There are a few counters at the Jetty, but only one was open when we were there...

First time experience for Mukhriz & Qme, few times for their elder brother. Qme yang paling excited.

 Bot-bot ini mengucapkan selamat jalan kepada kami...

Matahari baru nak menampakkan dirinya. Terasa begitu syahdu bila berada di tengah lautan. 

 Model feri...LOL

This is so embarassing! I throw-up! TWICE! In the toilet nearby. This never happen to me before. This was the first time I got seasick on a big boat. To ease my suffer, I went out and exploring the wide blue ocean in front of me. 

After about 180 minutes, I saw this beautiful small island on my right. I felt relieved. I don't really like the feeling when sailing in the middle of the sea! Haha!

Renting a car was not cheap at this time of the year. But we managed to get a very good bargain from En. Malek from Mandaq Tours. He promised us a Waja for RM130 but instead we get a white Grand Livina upon arrival with no extra charge. The car is still in a good condition.

We went for lunch at a nearby roadside stall. It's a gamble, "sedap atau tak, perut kena isi dulu". The seven of us makan lauk2 biasa jer, lauk kampung and below is what they charged us!

Gila ke apa? Makan nasi lauk kampung sampai $63.50? Mahal nak mampus! Terkedu sekejap!

Finally we reached here! Langkawi Cable Car! We were so anxious, excited! But...

The management had closed the operation of the cable cars due to heavy rain and strong wind. Ceh!

Dengan penuh kehampaan (chewah!), kami pun berposing berlatar belakangkan cable car. Nak buat camner, tak ada rezeki! Next time lar jawabnya!

 Posing dengan sad faces!

Tengah ronda2, tiba-tiba si ibu dan anaknya telah ternampak sesuatu! Ride yang dah lama diidam-idamkan semenjak a friend of the ibu was a sale agent for Asia (now no longer with Segway). Si ibu pun bertanya kalau ada sesiapa intrested nak naik Segway and it seems that everybody want to take part! Let's have fun!

We rent a Segway to scoot around Oriental Village for half an hour. Of coz, I was not qualified to give my two lil' boys a ride as it was my first time. So they went with two attendants (for RM12 each) and I had my own machine to ride (mine was charged RM17). Overall RM109. Okla tu, sekali sekala.

Our journey with Segway starts here. Was thinking of buying one for myself (berangan lebih) but after knowing that it costs at least RM29,000 per pax, takpe la kot. Anyway, the SEGWAY was quite a neat machine. Not only is it green due to zero gas emissions... but also quite safe and makes your journey from one point to another, faster.

Simply fun! 

 Then, we went to those places.

 The signage...

 The places... Little Mexican, Frangipani, Baron, Buroq Oil (is a petrol station).

My ex was here toooooo! Haha!

We came to this Lagenda Langkawi in '90s, can't remember what year. This open garden museum has a total of 17 colourful sculptures depicting Langkawi legends including legends of heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres and beautiful princesses

Dataran Helang was closed for construction. So this is the best angle we had. 

Kenapa kami posing kat sini? Dulu kami stay kat chalet atas bukit tu. From there, boleh nampak seluruh Langkawi. Tapi tak ingat dah apa nama chalet tu. And at that time, padang di belakang kami dijadikan open stage for pertunjukan wayang kulit. Aku ingat lagi, waktu tu hujan renyai2 dan crowd tersangat ramai! 

It's time to say goodbye. Yang bestnya, orang ramai  berduyun-duyun mengangkut beg-beg shopping, sedangkan kami berlenggang-kangkung. The only beg yg kami ada ialah my handbeg dan beg camera! The only souveniers we bought ialah fridgemagnet! Kelasss gitu!

Sempat posing dalam feri. Di mana aku ya? Tanpa mempedulikan keadaan keliling, aku melayan MP3 Afiq, sumbat telinga dengan earphone dan pasang kuat2 sebab takut seasick lagi.And it works! Aku tak muntah sampailah ke jeti Kuala Kedah. Alhamdulillah. Yes, i did it!

Tertunai sudah hajat bakal doktor ini nak melawat Langkawi sebelum berangkat ke Mesir. Lepas ni bakal doktor ni akan sibuk melawat the ancient Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, Luxor, camel ride, Nile cruises and many more. Wah! Bestnya, aku pulak yg jeles!

Setibanya kami di Jeti Kuala Kedah jam 6ptg, bot-bot ini menyambut kepulangan kami. 

to be continued....


Teratak Hami said...

oitttt ... sehari jek berjalan?

Runiza said...

Yanti... bestnyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I love Langkawi!! bila lagi la nak sampai nih....

Yanti Arshad said...


yup, sehari jer... tapi best! hehe

Yanti Arshad said...


memang best! "lagi power, lagi best". kihkihkih!

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