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Friday, March 18

holiday snippets

Here are some snippets of school holiday recently. Suka dan duka seimbang. Let me start with the duka part first. We were so anxious to watch the live telecast match between Harimau Malaya dan Pakistan. Suddenly....

A big disapointment bcoz we didn't see the game as the live telecast was cancelled right before the games started. Live pictures not available due to satellite problem, something to do with the bombing in Lahore... Kesian anak2 aku. Walaupun hampa, jersi Harimau Malaya tetap disarung sampai tertido....

Anyway, congratulations to our Harimau Malaya team. They beat Pakistan 2-0 in the premilinary round and draw 0-0 in the 2nd leg.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

Both thumbs up for KRU, particularly Yusry! Personally i think Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa is brilliant! Stephen Rahman plays a great role as Merong, the descended of the Great Alexander. I think he did well and i can hardly breath in few scenes that shows how masculine he is.  And as a person who has been in this media industry for 17 years now, what i like the most is KRU isnt only focusing on the industry itself but to the extent they`re letting the world to know that Malaysia too has loads of historical value to be visualize in a highly recognition standard of the international level. 

I dont want to give an elaborate account  of the plot. Korang kena tengok sendiri, get your own feel. Jgn tengok dlm CD pirate atau dalam Astro First, get the experience kat panggung, baru best!

Swimming time at Shah Alam.

Spacious and not so crowded. 

This is another big disapointment. To brief uols, kami beratur for 3 hours just to find out the session was cancelled at the very last minute! Will update on next entry. 

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