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Friday, February 11

bila laki ku naik angin!

Recently my soulmate placed a complaint to Hotmail @Malay Mail.

The story goes...

"I have an ASTRO MAX (that have recording facility) and when I called ASTRO, they said that I can change to ASTRO B.Yond PVR with no installation chargers and waived a fee for RM10 for 1year for using recording facility with ASTRO B.Yond PVR according to the terms & condition if you change ASTYRO MAX to ASTRO B.Yond PVR. 

Yet for the last 3 months until now, RM10 was charge to my account, I have made a complaint, NO ACTION have been taken. It made me known that the waived can be done immediately with no hassle but NO ACTION have  been taken, and I am being charge RM10 for 3 months and last January,  my ASTRO services was deactivate. Furthermore when I called for the 4th or  5th time,the customer service officer told me to ignore the RM10 charges but my ASTRO service was deactivate.

Complaint to ASTRO customer service regarding my problem of chargers that should have been waived from my ASTRO account according to ASTRO Terms & Condition for the last 3 months (from November 2010) and until February 2011, went unsolved. They asked for my contact number but yet no reply by phone have been made.

I want Hotline@mmail to know that for several years we as ASTRO customer have committed to ASTRO terms & condition but now, ASTRO seems to have breech one of their term & condition. I felt cheated as ASTRO is  not listening to their customer complaints and this will be a bad example to ASTRO."

Few days later, my soulmate sent me an e-mail.

"ASTRO have called me responding to MM investigation. The officer have given her assurance that the RM10 will be taken out and waived from our bill ( which can be done immediately like just now, when we go public then they can do it ASAP pulak?). They will also call me tomorrow to check on our latest bill. I hope this matter will teach ASTRO some lesson as they have  to listen to their customer."

footnote: This is what we get for being toooo loyal with Astro for more than 13 years and FYI, my soulmate was a 3D graphic designer in Astro for 10 years. A very bad service from the customer service dept!

Here's the edited version by MM. 


working mom... said...

i think you should complaint to Tribunal tuntutan pembeli la..let Astro pay you back on their very bad services..

Kherun said...

aku baru terminate one acc dgn astro.... ada problem sikit, dia nak htr technician, cost rm50, if decoder rosak, tambah rm....pas tu kalu prob tu, tambah lg.... kalau tambah wyre tambah rm lagi.... mcm2 lah....

last2, berenti je la.... kena bg notis sebln lak, then kena htr kad thru pos berdaftar, klu tak sampai kat dorang within certain time, kena rm80 lagi.... grrrrr, mcm2 daaa....

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