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Monday, October 18

Goodbye Max...

13 Oct... I had to say goodbye to my Astro Max. It has been loyal to us for more than three years and actually I've NO PLAN to upgrade it to Byond PVR (Personal Video Recorder) due to NO HD TV yet.   Currently I am using an old tube TV but MY ASTRO MAX is always hang and sometimes my recorded programmes are all jumbled up. Irritating! Then I asked my soulmate to call Astro to make a complaint. 

this is their answers: 
"Free upgrade to byond PVR, there is no need to subscribe to byond HD channels if you dont have LCD atau Plasma TV whatsoever. Free 24mnths for recording function (afterall it's only RM10  permnth) and free lifetime warranty for PVR and accessories. But you need to upgrade your Max before 22nd Oct to enjoy these offers."

All FOC? Tunggu apa lagi? We make a booking for free installation!

A new black satellite dish.

As a loyal Astro Max customer, I appreciate the convenience of recording. Now even better, the dual tuners is to record up to 2 progs simultaneously. Tak payah lagi nak berebut-rebut dgn my soulmate when his favourite prog 'collide' with my progs.

This is our third decorder. Now I'm so happy bcoz it has 290 hours of uninterrupted recordings for standard definition and 100 hours for HD. They even have larger hard disk capacity of 500GB. 

Personally, I dont like the design of this Byond remote control. Bulky plus it has 3 new buttons which is already confusing. 

But if you ask me, I would prefer Astro Max accessories. Last but not least, this Byond PVR offer is for Astro Max customer only! If you are using a normal decoder, then it's not FOC! 

Here is my AstroMax story.


Teratak Hami said...

Awak selalu record apa ye?? Saya musykil few person yg suka download/record apa2 ni..
Rumah saya ni asyik Channel Cartoon sahaja, tak worth it kot nak upgrade.

Yanti Arshad said...


hehehe.. nak musykil apa yer?

sy record rancangan2 yg saya suka, mostly drama contohnya sekarang nie tgah hot citer Chinta, Asmara, Habil Qabil. Then Dahsyat 13 @oasis, discovery channel. Now @RTM ada slot seruan haji, kan? saya record jugak. sometimes kalau ada apa-apa yg menarik dalam Nona, Majalah3 saya record jugak. Kalau ada good informative programme pun sy record jugak, then bagi anak2 tengok. mazlan pulak suka Nat Geog.

sy tak record cartoon2 nie. 2 daripada channel cartoon saya benarkan budak2 nie tgk, yang lain saya lock.

kebanyakannya saya record sebab timing tu tak kena dgn saya. time free sy ialah sama ada tgh malam atau pagi2 between 7:30-10am... time tu lah sy pulun tengok recorded programme.

pada saya, astro yg boleh record ni sgt bagus kalau digunakan dengan cara yang betul.

panjang lebar tak penjelasan saya nie? hehehe...

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