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Sunday, June 13

no more secret

Last week, we had our dinner here. Maklumlah, dah lama tak makan bersama as one big family. Time cuti sekolah nielah nak spend time bersama.  In spite of this lovely evening, I would like to express my dissatisfaction at the end of this entry.

Secret Recipe @1 Utama, old wing.

Haqimie with his meal & watermelon.

Afiq with his spaghetti & hot chocolate.

Daniel... something different from his mundane menu,
grilled black pepper beef & chocolate ice blended.

My soulmate's favourite... spaghetti & earl grey tea.

My favourite... seabass filet & kasturi green apple.

Awin with her black pepper rice & watermelon.

Mukhriz cukup setia dengan fish fillet &
kasturi green apple.

The bill surprised us!

The price for service charge is more than the price of the grilled black pepper beef. This is the most grotesquely expensive bill we had at a fancy restaurant. I guess that RM166.65 conclude our visit forever.


working mom... said...

huiyooo kak...kalu rege camtu dah bley mkn utk seploh org kat tree steak house ...compom syedap!

Yanti Arshad said...

tulah pasal... bye2 secret!

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