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Tuesday, December 1

Leisure Hours

It's school holiday! Maknanya more xtvts, indoor as well as outdoor for my kids. As promised, "Cuti, boleh main sepuas-puasnya." Seronoknya diaorg and I'm happy for them too.

Permintaan pertama of course la PS2, their favourite video game. They have agreed to abide by all the rules... PS2 is only available on school holidays. Awin, as usual bila balik cuti, first thing yang dia terkam is her lappy... I wonder apa ada dalam lappy tu agaknya, ek? Cyber date ke?

Apart from modern gadget, I do teach my kids about traditional games like congkak. I still have my own congkak kayu at my mom's, still intact. I have my disagreement with my hubby when he said, "Ini mainan orang perempuan!" "Itu dulu, now no more. Young boys are beginning to pick up the skill involved in playing the game," I tried to convinced my boys. I told them, one day I will bring home my congkak kayu dan let them feel the difference when played with small guli or biji getah. Believe it or not, the game would take hours to finish.

Other alternative game is Monopoly. This one is The World Edition. The Malaysia Edition, kekadang saja main. The World Edition is more interesting. It has 22 top cities around the globe, there's an interesting facts about the world on the Chance and Community cards plus the new electronic deal making unit. As you can see, there's no notes involve.

This is my brother's guitar actually. I borrowed this musical instrument for them. Danial yang beria-ia sangat nak pinjam. "No problemo, tapi kena share and make sure tali tak putus dan tak kena muka", said Iwan. They promised to return it back bila sekolah nak start tahun depan. Lagipun Iwan dont need it bcoz he has to take care of this new born baby, Mohd Rayyan. By now Rayyan is 2 mnths old.

On this day, we were supposed to take them to the Extreme Park, Shah Alam. Kononnya nak angkut skali skateboards & their bikes. Tapi disebabkan hujan, plan tu terpaksa cancel. So to make everybody happy, we went to One Utama then to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Time ni hujan... hirup mushroom soup memang sesuai sangat! We ordered two large pizzas, four sets of bread stick, two extra garlic bread, one set of barbeque chicken and spaghetti, plus cold and hot drinks.

This is what mother does!
Layan family makan.

Hubby with his spaghetti.

Above: So excited @Pizza Hut.
Below: Selepas kekenyangan.... @home.

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