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Monday, December 7


Last weekend, we decided to make a visit to Aquaria KLCC. Was hoping for a bigger crowd bcoz it's school holiday but fortunately the Aquaria was not busy. This was my first visit to Aquaria. (what a true KLrian I am!) However it was still a fun trip.

Giant Tarantula!

Giant Forest Frog!

Mr. Aligator... hansome, eh?

We only pay RM138 for the special family package,
it's school holiday promotion.

More than 3000 sea creatures of various shapes and sizes living in this simulated natural habitat.

A giant leatherback turtle.
(giant here mean... really2 giant!)

Aquaria KLCC offers a unique
underwater edutainment experience for us.

A huge tank tower filled with water and fishes!
Remember, never bring along your cat!

You can sit here for hours just to see
some unique & unusual marine creatures.

Inside a 90m walkway underwater tunnel. The rich marine life is seen through the acrylic glass, all we need to do is just standing on the conveyor belt.

Father & son in front of living coral reef tank.

Background is a super huge sand tiger shark.

Qish with Moon Fish.. it looks like obor-obor.

One of the souvenir from Aquaria KLCC.

With one of the lil' leatherback turtle.

In front of Lionfish Tank.


Inside of Jewels of the Jungle. Here, the hidden micro world of the rainforest is unearthed.

KLCC.. my next target is The Bridge!


hamidah said...


Memang sepatutnya kita banyak buat lawatan masa cuti sekolah ni. Make full use of the holiday time ni.

YantiArshad said...

Kak Hamidah,

True... tp cuaca skrg ni berapa mengizinkan. Byk juga plan yg terpaksa cancel.

Sameer said...


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