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Tuesday, November 10

Qme's Concert

8th Nov 2009... Finally the day I had been waiting for arrived! It's Qme's concert and graduation last weekend. This is our last kindy concert.

Qme wasn't smiling a lot and
we suspected he was nervous.

Qme received his scroll from The Principal, Teacher Emy.

Wooly Bully is the song.
"Qme, ibu tak tau pun Qme pandai menari."

Qme's dance partner, Sarah Qistina.
Lagu: Aku Rindu.

Hey, young man!
You look so cute today.

Teacher Sal (kebaya) is Qme's Eng teacher.

p/s: will upload the video later....

1 comment:

hamidah said...

Cute nya budak2 ni. Sometimes it's so nice to be children innocent life. Wish the clock can turn back .....

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