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Sunday, November 15

It's raining cats and dog!

It's wet season. Kalau di negara 4 musim, it's already winter. But Malaysia only have 2 seasons, wet and dry. Nowdays, the weather is so unpredictable... nak outing pun susah. Anak2 pun tak boleh buat outdoor xtvt. Pity them.

During dry & hot season, we will normally turn on our air-cond. But what would you do if it's wet season, non stop raining the whole day? For some people, that's not a problem at all. But to me, it's a problem. Want to know why? I dont like cold. So this is what I do to solve my problem.

To make sure I'm not too cold, I'll eat durian.... a lot! Mujurlah gerai durian tak jauh. I dont buy from gerai durian near to club house tu... mahal & tasteless. I buy from gerai dekat Anggerik 11. Cheap (6 for RM10), delicious and sweet! Malam tu, dapat tidur lena sebab tak rasa sejuk sangat, syoknya!

Time ni tengah hujan, we all 'berkelah' kat wakaf. Kopek semua durian and makan! Mujur anak2 pun hantu durian macam aku. The father tak makan durian, so dia beli nasi kukus berlauk yang panas. Nasi yang panas di waktu hujan turun, nampak sungguh tempting! Kalau non-stop hujan macam ni, jawabnya non-stop la aku makan durian. Bestnya!


shikin's said...

nak sikit duriann!!!! :)

YantiArshad said...


boleh... silakan...

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