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Tuesday, June 16

You Decorated My Life

To my husband, I may not say it often but I feel it everyday.

You are a great dad... and a loving & caring husband.

I dedicated this song for the wonderful memories we
shared and to the great times yet to come.

The times we've spent together, the talks we've had, the fun we've shared and how nice it is to have you in my life. You really Decorated My Life, honey.

And to my beloved Abah,...
Thanks for all your words of advice, your guidance, your love, your great knowledge, your help. And the most important thing is you always there when I need you. I love you, Abah.

To these two great men in my life, Happy Father's Day.

1 comment:

MLanz said...

Thanks..for being with me.. :)
I would alwiz be special 2 u..

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