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Friday, March 6

TaQ aNsWeR...

Last month, I tagged a few of my acquaintances. Thanks for uol's responses, really appreciate it. Some came up with the correct answer. For those yg nak tahu, here's the local brief...

Pusat sukan rekreasi air. Melihatkan keluasan tempat ni, any water sport locally or internationally should move here. Water sport macam powerboat yang selalu dibuat di Mines, water polo @clubs, fishing yang asyik2 kat Ttwangsa and many more. But definitely not Monsun Cup la.... Tempat yg ala-ala Burj Dubai Tower ni at first aku ingatkan for VIPs, rupa-rupanya for judges. Size for each upper level is bigger than the lower level. Tempat yang aku berdiri tu, memang dah hujung tebing. Don't fall for these kiambangs, basah lencun nanti!
On afloat restaurant. Look-out tower tu for lifeguards only. Kalau diberi peluang naik, nak jugak aku panjat. Tentu scenerynya cantik from up there.

What a fabulous view from here. Tentu best kalau bersantai waktu malam. Tempat ni memang cantik. Unfortunately, this place is owned by foreigner under the name of Pullman Hotel & Resort.

View from afloat restaurant.

upper: view from afloat restaurant facing podium.
lower: view from podium facing afloat restaurant

Serupa tapi tak sama!

This Pullman Hotel & Resort famous for their South Asian designs and private garden. Their famous resort is located @Hainan Island, China rated 5 stars.

New 5-star Pullman brand, to a total of up to 100 hotels in the Asia Pacific region by 2015, primarily in China, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Sofuriah @ Sofu @ Sufei said...

kak yanti,

sorry x jwb tag akak coz dh tau tmpat tu kt Putrajaya..tgk blog abg akak ari tu..:D

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