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Sunday, March 16

Sg. Klah Hot Spring

I was impressed when I drove into the grounds. The first thing that struck me was that it was so clean. The grounds are nicely maintained and the landscaping soothing to the eyes. It felt as though I had entered another world. The place is around 1hr drive from my house. It is a very nice place to visit for kids and family. Entrance tak mahal, RM10 per adult, RM8 per child. Memang worth it, you all boleh jump from one pool to another... cool pool to hot pool.

I was tickled pink when someone told me the highlight of this park was egg boiling. Sg Klah Hot Spring Park boasts the hottest point in M'sia with a hot spring source recording 102 degree Celsius. But DO NOT PURCHASE the eggs at the park. MAHAL!

These eggs taste different because they have absorbed the mineral properties of the hot springs.

There is even a handy little guide telling you how many minutes to boil your egg with, so you won't get it wrong. Surprisingly the hard boiled egg is devoid of any sulphur smell and retains it's warmth for quite a while.

It's quite fun to see them boil and the water is super hot with temperatures up to almost 100 celcius. See the bubbles of water in the egg basket.

Believe it or not? Air ni memang panas giler! Dont ever touch it!

Air ni panasnya bukan suam2 kuku tau! Panas... ambil masa juga untuk rendamkan kaki. tak caya, tengok tapak kaki tu... merah.

Honey and the boys rushing down the splashing Giant Octopus Water Slide.

Cool natural water from Ttwangsa Range.

Here, you will never be short of a splashing good time!

This is a must-experience for first-timer holiday-makers at Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park.

Honey and the boys sitting pretty with their legs dipping into the hot water.


pearlie said...

Thanks for the tip! we'll be heading there tomorrow and will bring loads of eggs ;)

Teratak Hami said...

Rasa mcm nak g sini during school break!!!

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