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Thursday, September 6

It's Our 50th Merdeka!

This year is our 50th year of Independence. Not a small feat and one that most Malaysians will be very proud of. I took a different approach this year, going out and have a blast on Merdeka’s eve!

When was the last time you gather a moment with your family or even your close friends on patriotic festivals such as this and actually thought about the beginnings of our independence?

It should be the time of the year that we should learn to reminisce about our values as a citizen, a part of this vibrant country.

Merdeka isn’t just about celebration and having a good time; it’s about knowing where we stand, understanding where we come from, taking time to learn about our origins and recognizing our own values as part of the country and as part of history.

And that, my fellow citizens of Malaysia,

is the best celebration there is.

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