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Saturday, June 2

Review of POTC3

The first POTC1 was great,
and then comes the sequel POTC2
which is also good but I must admit
it was a little bit dissapointing to me
compared to the first.

But now the latest POTC3 - At World's End
that I watched was AWESOME and I think
it is somehow BETTER than any of its series!
What I liked most about this movie is
because of some of its most breathtaking scenes.

The scene when they tumbled their ship upside down
and came out from beneath the sea.
( the director must have an imagination beyond anything else's).

This part was simply brilliant!
And very very creative!
I couldn't imagine how they could even pull that scene off so easily without confusing the audience.
Watch it and you'll see what I mean.
It happens so fast and so smooth,
and yes.. so beautiful.

Many people say that
this episode is the grand finale,
but when I watched the ending of POTC 3,
it seems like the director leaves the door wide open
for in case of another sequel.

All in all I'm giving full star to
POTC 3 - At World's End.
Truly something I've been wanting to watch.
It's a whole 3-"seat-challenging"-hours
that I didn't regret even a single minute of it.

So that means all you Jack Sparrow fans out there
should really go and watch this movie immediately
coz there are lots of things you'll be thrilled to watch in this one.

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