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Friday, April 20

Mekah Al Mukarramah - 2

This is the stone at the top of jabal rahmah, a small hill at Arafah, said to be the place where nabi Adam and Hawa met after being separated when they were sent down to earth. I don't think this stone has anything to do with the meeting but just a marker constructed for easy reference. Takut ada jamaah yang tersilap bukit pulak.

Mak dan Abah di Jabal Rahmah.
Aren't they cute?

Abah at camel ranch located just outside makkah. These camels were reared for milk and meat. According to abah, the camels at the ranch looked simply beautiful, happy, healthy and friendly too (see how they posed for abah's camera....hahahaha). It must be because they're very much well taken care by the farmers.

Mak minum susu unta?? The fresh milk then went through a simple filteration process (nak asingkan buih susu tu ajer), bottled and sold for 10 riyal each. It tasted like low-fat milk, delicious! Yummy!

3 saudagar unta.
Abah (middle), Pak Cik Zain dan Ali.

Mak dan Mak Cik Siti berehat selepas penat cari barang.
Dia org terjumpa Dahb yg dikeringkan.

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