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Friday, April 20

Mekah Al-Mukarammah - 3

This is the hill of safa. It used to be rocks and sand but as you can see, it's already cemented and the grey coloured area was what left as a marker. besides as one of the point (the other is marwah) where siti hajar (the wife of nabi ibrahim) ran 7 times looking for help, for her and baby nabi ismail, the hill was also the location where rasulullah first made his call for the quraish people to embrace islam.
Mak in front of Bukit Safa.

The happy couples.
The Arshad's & Zain's.

Mak di Bukit Uhud.

'Mina Starts Here' says the signboard.

Inilah Masjid Jin. Believe it or not?

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