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Friday, April 20

Madinah Al-Munawarrah - 2

As usual, we malaysians have always demonstrated our 'malaysia boleh' spirit wherever we go and of course who can beat us when it comes to shopping and kiasu. yups, the arabs love malaysians very much because we simply love shopping and to make it even sweeter, we are kiasu lots too. whenever we see fellow malaysians buy something that looks good and recommended, we'll buy it too although we know that we don't really need it but we buy it just for the sake of not missing the opportunity. As in this picture, my abah beli berkilo-kilo kurma sampaikan kedai tu siap perkhidmatan kotak (5 riyal sekotak) supaya senang masuk kargo kapal terbang.

Mak @ kurma farm.

According to mak, the trees looked like palm trees and the kurma fruits were greenish in colour. young or raw kurmas tasted bitter-sweet but after they were dried (without any additional flavours or preservatives), they tasted sweet - amazing, isn't it?

Mak @kiosk kurma.

Abah @entrance of Masjidil Nabawi.

Shopping again?

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